How to spy on WhatsApp: all existing methods

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More and more users search the web how to spy on WhatsApp to try to intercept the conversations of another person. Spying on a smartphone in fact does not need – in some cases – to be experts in the field, and despite the extreme attention to security even for WhatsApp, there are methods that … Read more

How to have WhatsApp with a landline number

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WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging applications worldwide, its main feature is that you register a mobile number, but have you ever wondered if WhatsApp can be used with a landline number? The answer is yes, and we will tell you how you can do it. When we register and activate a … Read more

Whatsapp error 403, why can’t you Download & how to fix it?

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Does your WhatsApp have error 403 when you try to update the app? Here we give you the solution. “I can’t install WhatsApp due to error 403”, “Error 403 won’t let me install WhatsApp”, “WhatsApp can’t download due to error 403″… You have not been able to download WhatsApp? WhatsApp error 403 appears every time … Read more