Waiting for a message this may take time what does this WhatsApp error mean?

If you are not getting WhatsApp error messages you may need to do some of the things we show you here.

Are you encountering the error “waiting for a message, this may take time” in WhatsApp? Do you want the solution for the waiting for message error? Well, you’ve come to the right article. And here we are going to explain what it means that this message appears and the formula to solve the problem that concerns you. So that you do not have to wait any longer for your WhatsApp messages or miss anything along the way in your chats. Read on.

Why this warning appears: end-to-end encryption

This warning usually appears when you least expect it. Suddenly you haven’t received any messages in your WhatsApp chats for a while, you go in to see what’s going on and you find it: Waiting for the message. This can take a while, what does it mean, why did it appear, why are WhatsApp messages not coming in?

Actually, when this notice appears, it means that you have received the message from that contact. The only problem is WhatsApp’s protection, which wants to make sure that everything is encrypted and protected end-to-end. So, even though the message is there, it needs both you and the other person to have Internet access and verify the protection codes and protocols to know that no one has snuck into the message. In this way, and if everything is correct, WhatsApp displays the content of the message.

But why does this warning appear? Most likely, according to WhatsApp itself, is that one of the users has reinstalled the messaging application. WhatsApp would then encounter barriers to ensure end-to-end encryption until everything is properly configured and in order. It is also possible that the Internet connection is not good, and WhatsApp has not been able to check and apply that the protection is active.

How to fix the “waiting for message” problem in WhatsApp

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Now that we know what causes this problem, it only remains to find a solution. And there is one. More or less. WhatsApp proposes that you notice that other person to connect to the Internet and open WhatsApp. Of course, without Internet on your terminal, you would have to see what is the way to contact him or her. Most likely his or her cell phone has been disconnected or lost connection for some reason such as passing through a dead zone in the subway, or traveling by plane. How could we notify him or her then? There is only the phone call and/or patience until that user reopens WhatsApp in an area with coverage and Internet connection. The application will then activate the connection, apply encryption and check that everything is working as it should, and then display the message in the chat.

  • Another option is to close the application and restart the terminal. If there is a problem with the Internet connection, this restart process will close all the tasks of your mobile to return it to normal operation. If you have some way that your contact can do the same, it is likely that, when you re-enter WhatsApp, and if the Internet connection has recovered, everything will return to normal. Although, again, it is complicated to contact a user if they have been cut off due to connection problems with their mobile.
  • To receive pending messages you can also update WhatsApp to the latest version. Like the reboot we explained earlier, it also forces everything back to normal on WhatsApp. In addition, it would force the other user to start the application after installing the new version. Similarly, although somewhat more drastic, there would be the option to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. Just be sure to make a backup of all messages, or you will lose even that one that is still to come.
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