How To Make An Official Company Account On Whatsapp

Do you want your company to make the most of instant messaging? We show you how to make an official company account on WhatsApp.

Communicating with your customers via WhatsApp is becoming more and more common in companies of all kinds. Although it is mainly a tool used by SMEs, there are also medium and large companies that choose to have a profile on this popular messaging tool for more effective communication. And to facilitate this task, WhatsApp allows us to create company accounts, with greater possibilities than personal ones. The steps on how to create an official WhatsApp business account are as follows:

  • Download WhatsApp Business
  • When the application opens, click on the Accept option and continue.
  • Sign up. To do this you will have to enter your phone number and verify it by SMS.
  • Authorize access to your contacts and photos
  • Create an account, with your company name, category and a profile picture
  • Click Explore>Company profile to complete your profile with additional information about your business
  • Start chatting with your business profile

Among the possibilities that WhatsApp Business allows us are the possibility of creating a catalog for all your products and services. You can also create templates with messages that you usually send to your customers so that you do not need to write them every time. And you can also tag chats to organize them according to the purpose of the conversation.

How To Make The Message Appear In Whatsapp: This Chat Is With A Company Account

If you have ever chatted with a company, you will have seen a message telling you that this is a business account. If you want to give a more serious touch to your business, you may have considered how to make the message appear on WhatsApp: This chat is with a business account. This way, they will be able to tell that you are a serious company rather than a private individual.

The reality is that you don’t need to do anything special to make this message appear to the people who chat with you. All you need is to have a WhatsApp Business account, so that you are considered a company for the purposes of the messaging tool. The message that you are chatting with a business account appears on all business accounts that have been created in the tool, so nothing else will be necessary. And it can give a more serious tone that can be interesting.

If WhatsApp verifies your business, a green tick will appear in addition to this message, making you a verified account in the business version of WhatsApp.

How Much It Costs To Have A Business Account On Whatsapp

If you are seriously considering using WhatsApp Business, probably the first thing you are wondering is how much it costs to have a business account on WhatsApp.

The good news is that having a business account on WhatsApp is completely free. If you have a small business and all you need is some additional features such as grouping chats or the ability to send catalogs, you don’t need to pay extra for the service. Just by creating your company account as explained above, you will be able to have it easily.

But if you have a large company you may want to have even more additional services. In that case, you may want to consider using some of the possibilities of the WhatsApp Business API. These are extra features designed especially for large businesses, and that’s where you can find paid features. But you will not have to pay a fixed price, but only for the services you want to hire.

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