How to Download the new covid vaccine stickers on whatsapp

In this article, we will tell you how to download the new covid vaccine stickers on WhatsApp

The vaccination campaign against COVID-19 is underway with the aim of reducing the consequence of the coronavirus and raising awareness of the vaccination, WhatsApp has released new Covid vaccine stickers. Do you want them? In this article, We tell you how to download the new COVID vaccine stickers on WhatsApp.

The importance of vaccination against the coronavirus pandemic is very present in all media, now it also reaches via apps of our smartphones. WhatsApp in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) has created some stickers for Whatsapp users to share the joy and positivity that is expected to return after vaccination against COVID-19.

Whatsapp hopes with these Covid vaccine stickers that the user can “privately share the joy, relief and hope that COVID-19 vaccines have brought, as well as express gratefulness to the heroes of the health sector”.

These WhatsApp stickers have the name “vaccines for all”, as the company’s aim is that vaccination reaches all parts of the world and not leave aside those faraway locations with disadvantaged populations.

The WhatsApp stickers can be downloaded through the platform for both Android and iOS devices. The download package weighs 415 kb and contains 23 Stickers made by the WHO and show characters expressing funny emojis, joy, and activities that will reconnect us and we can do again when we are vaccinated as hugging, traveling by plane around the world, or dancing with our friends.

To download the covid19 vaccine stickers you just have to open WhatsApp on your phone 

  • Place yourself in the box where you write messages. 
  • Click on the Emoji icon and at the bottom, on the right side, there will one icon with a square shape and with the corner bent
  • Click on it and then click on a circle with a plus symbol which you will have on the right side of the screen.
  • You can now see all the stickers that are available, the first one is “Vaccines for all” 
  • which is the one you can download just by clicking on the circle with a down arrow on the right side of the screen. 
  • When it is downloaded you will see a tik. 
  • Then go back to the search box 
  • Click again on the square-shaped sticker
  • You will see a character with a shield that has a heart inside. 
  • Click on it to see the stickers and use them in your WhatsApp conversations.


If you have found out how to download the new COVID vaccine stickers on WhatsApp but also want to expand your gallery of funny stickers we tell you how to download  WhatsApp stickers.

The official WhatsApp stickers can only be obtained through WhatsApp itself. There is no need to install any other type of apps. To check all of them and download the ones you are most interested in, open Whatsapp and go to the typing box. Then click on the square icon shaped like a sticker and the circle with the plus symbol inside that is on the right side of the screen.

There you will see the list of all the official Whatsapp sticker packs. There are all kinds: stickers of food, Film characters, animals, pets, etc. click on the circle with the down arrow to download the pack you want. Once you get the tick you can check the stickers you have in your  “My stickers” tab.

In this sticker gallery, you can also find all the new stickers and update the ones you have previously downloaded.

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