How to unban in Minecraft | Complete Guide

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Minecraft is a particularly interesting game to play in company. However, you know that within the online community, as in the real world, there are also people who do not behave very well. In this context, it is important to have a ban feature to “remove” players who don’t respect other users and make unpleasant … Read more

How to return skins on Fortnite | Guide

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You are an avid Fortnite player and, recently, you decided to store in the Item Shop of the popular video game developed by Epic Games. However, after buying several costumes and decorative backs, you had second thoughts and are looking for a way to retrace your steps. Don’t worry: if you’re wondering how to return … Read more

How to use and configure a PS2 emulator on PC (2024)

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Feel like getting some nostalgia for the best PlayStation 2 games that weren’t released for PC? Don’t worry, today we will teach you how to emulate these games. Do you want to have that nostalgia with the best PlayStation 2 games that weren’t released for PC? Don’t worry, today we will teach you how to … Read more

Guide To Genshin Impact, The Best Tricks For Beginners

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One of the best free games you can play on any platform is Genshin Impact. Mihoyo’s game has completed a year of life and the community continues to grow day by day. Although it is not a game where battles between users are possible, many are looking for ways for their characters to defeat bosses … Read more

How to unlock the Loki skin on Fortnite | Guide

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Fortnite is “centralizing” within it more and more narrative universes particularly popular. On the other hand, the Epic Games title can afford to “make the best of it” in the video game industry, given the enormous success achieved by its leading production (as of May 2020, Fortnite has exceeded 350 million registered users). You’ve also … Read more

How to improve on Call of Duty Mobile – Tips, Tricks & Hacks

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The dream of many fans of the popular Call of Duty first-person shooter series came true in 2019, when Activision decided to release COD Mobile, a free downloadable mobile title. Simply put, Call of Duty can now be played safely on mobile and potentially without spending a dime. It’s no coincidence, then, that the game … Read more

Best Battle Royale Games For Console, Pc & Mobile in 2024

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The “all against all” is a dynamic that has attracted the attention of video gamers since the dawn of time. Just think of the good old deathmatch, which has always proved popular in the shooter genre. It’s not surprising, then, that one of the genres that became most popular during the eighth generation of the … Read more

How to Modify GTA Online Vehicles | Step by Step Guide

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The number of vehicles present in GTA Online, the well-known mode of GTA 5 that now represents essentially a title in itself, is particularly high, so that the types of races available also vary a lot the gameplay, and their amount of content can provide many hours of fun. In this context, it is normal … Read more