How to dance in Roblox | Every way Explained

We tell you the commands you have to use to make your Roblox character dance.

If you want to increase the actions of your character in Roblox, one of the most fun is the one that makes him dance. We tell you how to dance in Roblox with the different dances that are on the platform.

Roblox is a huge multiplayer game platform, free and online where you can create your worlds and interact with other players. Currently, this platform has 199 million monthly active users.

When you create your Roblox account and register you must also customize your avatar or character with clothes and accessories. This character is the one you will use in all the games within the application.  

Once you create your avatar you can enter the huge catalog of games that already exist and that are counted by millions. All of them are based on Roblox. Among the best-known games are: MeepCity, JailBreak, or Adopt me! among many others.

The platform has a function called “emotes”. Emotes are animation systems that allow you to animate your character to show emotion or feeling while the game is running.

One of these emotes is the one that makes your character dance. There are several dances in Roblox. If you want to make your avatar move, we tell you how to dance in Roblox.

To find out how to dance in Roblox, the first thing you have to do is open the game. Then at the top left of the screen, you have an icon in the shape of a comment. Click on it and the chat will open. Now type inside the chat “/ e dance” followed by 1, 2, or 3.

Finally, to make your character dance click on it and click on “dances” and you will see the different dances available. Choose one of them and your character will start dancing.

What are the commands to dance in Roblox?


The emotes are activated through commands. If you want to know which are the commands to dance in Roblox, we detail them below.

The following commands are the ones that make your character dance in Roblox:

/ e dance 1

/ e dance 2

/ e dance 3

In addition to /e dance, other commands will also make your character do other actions. Among the best known are /e wave, which is used to wave, /e point to aim, or /e laugh to laugh.

How to activate the commands in Roblox

If in addition to knowing how to dance in Roblox you want to know how to activate any type of command in Roblox, we give you all the information about it.

All commands are activated in Roblox through the platform chat. It is possible that for some reason you do not have this chat enabled. You should know that without its activation there is no way to enter the commands.  Besides, the chat is used to communicate and see all the game issues, so it is better to have it running.

To activate the chat in Roblox you have to log in to Roblox and then go to the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Then select “Settings” and open the tab that says “Privacy”. Finally, look for the “Everyone” option in the menu to enable chat.


/e dance Roblox is the command that allows our Roblox character to dance. As you have seen above there are three types of dances in Roblox. Sometimes there are up to four, but one of them is repeated.

To make your character dance remember that you only have to enter this command in the Roblox chat. Then click on the character to make it perform one of the dances.

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