How to become Trash in Adopt me! at Roblox

We tell you how to become a trash can in Adopt Me! to get free pets and other items.

If you are a player of Adopt Me! and you want to get free pets and other items, you can get it if you become a garbage can. If you don’t know how to transform into this object we tell you how to become trash in Adopt Me! in Roblox.

Adopt Me! It is one of the most popular games within the multiplayer platform Roblox, besides being one of the biggest. The game has 64 million active users every month.

In Adopt Me! you can adopt up to 65 pets and you can also raise and adopt a child. In addition, you can customize houses, change your character’s appearance, create businesses, etc. or unlock a lot of items for in-game use.

One of the in-game ways to get pets or items for free is to become trash in the game. If you still don’t know how to become trash in Adopt Me! in Roblox we give you all the steps to do it.

When you have become a trash can you must go to parties and places in the game where you see a lot of people. When you are in the middle of those people put in the chat: “I’m a trash can, you can deposit the things you don’t want”.

If you are lucky there will be users who will deposit pets, vehicles such as cars or bicycles, or other in-game items including food and drink. When a user gives you something you will see a request for exchange. It will show the things they want to give you and you will have to accept them whether you like them or not because that’s why you are a trash can.

It is a good way to get items without having to pay. In the beginning, it will not be an easy task you will have to introduce yourself and write to users to deposit items. When you get the hang of it you will see how you can earn a lot of things transformed into a trash can. Below we tell you to step by step how to become trash in Adopt Me! in Roblox.

How to get the garbage can costume in Adopt me!

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To find out how to become trash in Adopt Me! in Roblox or how to get the garbage can costume the first thing you have to do is open the game and deploy the menu you have on the right side of the screen of your mobile with a white arrow inside a pink background. Then click on “Dress up”.

Among all the elements that are there, you must click on one with the shape of a tail that is under a cap icon. Then type in the search box marked with a magnifying glass the text “trash”. You will get two trash cans, one in silver and the other one in different colors. Choose the one you want.

Then click on one of the cylinder-shaped circles that you have among the list of icons to customize your outfit. It is the penultimate button. Click on a blank square near the gingerbread cookie face. This will make you invisible.

Now that your character is dressed as a cube, you need to put a cap on it. Go to the icon shaped like a cap and again in the top box write “trash” and hit search. The lids appear, choose one. You are now trash.

Finally, click on your name and put “leave here the things you don’t want”. Click on “back” to return to the game. You can save the set with the name you want or start playing dressed as a trash can.

As mentioned before, once you have the garbage can costume on, it is best to take your character to places where there are a lot of people to give you items they no longer want.