How to sort your Telegram conversations by folders

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Telegram conversations has been updated with one of the most interesting features in a messaging app: the ability to sort chats by folders. Here’s how to do it. Telegram has more interesting features than WhatsApp. The latest update of the messaging app is full of new features. The main one, the possibility of separating chats … Read more

How to make the font smaller for more Privacy in Telegram

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Increase the privacy of your Telegram conversations easily by minimizing the font size. Telegram is one of the most used messaging applications with which we are used to having numerous conversations with friends, family, and other contacts. Many times we are writing in public places with people very close to us who can read our … Read more

How to Delete a Telegram account


Not using your account enough and need to know how to delete a Telegram account? We show you the steps you need to follow to do so. The constant changes in WhatsApp’s privacy terms have led many users to look for alternatives. But in the end, many ends up returning, and no longer need the … Read more

How to password protect your Telegram chats | Step by Step


Keep your Telegram conversations away from prying eyes by protecting chats with a password If you’ve ever lent your phone to someone else for any reason you may have been uneasy about the fact that they could read your conversations. This is something you can avoid if you know how to password protect your Telegram … Read more

How to Talk to Strangers nearby in Telegram


Telegram has an interesting option: talk to strangers who are close to you. We tell you how you can do it. Telegram is a very versatile messaging app, very easy to use, and with a lot of added features. Thanks to its cloud-based operation, it can be used on several devices at the same time, … Read more

How to know in Telegram if you read my message


Improve the privacy and learn some related tricks in Telegram with this article. Telegram is one of the most versatile messaging apps. It has a variety of added features that even allow you to use it as a productivity tool. For example, with Telegram, you can store files in the cloud, even privately, create reminders … Read more

Can you watch Movies on Telegram? We tell you how


Have you ever wondered if you can watch movies on Telegram? We tell you how you can do it. Today, most users know Telegram as an alternative to WhatsApp, an instant messaging tool to communicate with friends and family. What many do not know is that you can watch movies on Telegram. And one of … Read more

Why Telegram messages are being Deleted

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Don’t understand why Telegram messages are deleted sometimes?  We explain why you sometimes stop seeing them. It’s probably happened to you some time. Someone sends you a message on Telegram, and when you go to reread it the next day it turns out to be gone. And you probably wonder why Telegram messages are deleted and … Read more