How to sort your Telegram conversations by folders

Telegram conversations has been updated with one of the most interesting features in a messaging app: the ability to sort chats by folders. Here’s how to do it.

Telegram has more interesting features than WhatsApp. The latest update of the messaging app is full of new features. The main one, the possibility of separating chats by folders. In this way, we can have separate conversations from work and from family and friends. Do you want to use this feature? Here I show you step by step how to create folders to sort your conversations in Telegram.

update the app and then, access the side menu, and click on ‘Settings’. A new option called ‘Folders’ will appear there. Select ‘Create new folder’. Here you will be able to choose the name. Remember that this folder will appear on the main Telegram page, so you’d better choose a suitable one. For example, if you are going to select all work-related chats, name it ‘Work’. If, on the other hand, you are going to put the bots that show news, put a related name.

Add or Exclude contacts from folders

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To add chats and contacts, click the option that says ‘Add Chats‘. Then choose which contacts you want to appear in the window. Click on ‘Save’ when you have finished choosing conversations. In case you want to remove a contact or conversation, you will have to select it in the last option, the one that says ‘Excluded Chats‘.

Now, the folder you have configured will appear on the Telegram homepage. There you will be able to preview all the selected chats. Unfortunately, you cannot delete them from the ‘All’ section. However, adding folders allows you to have your chats more sorted.

Want to change the order of the categories? To do this, go to Settings > Folders. Drag the category from the double-line button on the left side. To delete a folder, click on the 3 dots and select ‘Delete‘. This option does not delete the conversations, so they will still appear in the ‘All’ section.

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