How to make the font smaller for more Privacy in Telegram

Increase the privacy of your Telegram conversations easily by minimizing the font size.

Telegram is one of the most used messaging applications with which we are used to having numerous conversations with friends, family, and other contacts.

Many times we are writing in public places with people very close to us who can read our conversations just by looking at our screen out of the corner of our eye. If you want to increase your privacy when using the application one of the interesting tricks is to know how to make the font smaller to have more privacy in Telegram and thus get that only you are the one who can read the messages.  

The font size in Telegram is set by default, but you can minimize it in an easy and quick way thus avoiding having to change the size in all mobile applications.

How to make the Font smaller for more privacy in Telegram

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If you want to know how to make the font smaller to have more privacy in Telegram on Android mobile you must first open the application and click on the icon of three lines that you have in the top left of the main window next to the name. Then click on “Settings” and “Chats”.

A window opens where the first thing that appears is “Message text size”. It is a slider where if you move it to the left you will see how the size of the letter decreases indicating also that size in a number of points. You will also see an example of how it looks as you move the slider.

If instead you have an iOS device and it is on it where you need to know how to make the font smaller to have more privacy in Telegram you must click on the “Settings” icon that you have at the bottom right once you have opened the application. Then in the menu that appears you should click on “Appearance” and “Text size”.

In the new window that opens you have a button that is activated by default called “Use system size”. Move it to the left to deactivate it. Now move the slider below it to the left to each point and you will see the sample text become smaller. Once you have chosen the size click on “Set” to set the font size.

How to make the font bigger in Telegram

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If you have already tried how to make the font smaller to gain more privacy in Telegram now we show you how to get just the opposite effect. If you have vision problems or want to read more comfortably we show you how to make the font larger in Telegram.

On your Android mobile you must go back to the three-line icon, click on the nut called “Settings”, then “Chats” and in “Message size” you must slide the control to the right. You can increase the font up to a maximum of 30 points.

On iOS, smartphones open the app and tap on the “Settings” icon at the bottom right of the screen. Then tap on “Appearance” and “Text size”. If under “Use system size” you have the button with the green background you should slide it to the left to disable it. Then on the bottom control move the dot to the right, the closer to the “A” the larger the font size will be set. Then click on “Set” to save the changes.

How to change the font in Telegram

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In addition to knowing how to change the font size in Telegram, we show you another interesting utility, how to change the font in Telegram to give a plus to your conversations.

These changes are made by simple shortcuts to remember because they consist only of entering some symbols before and after the word or phrase to change. Telegram will not show the new formatting in the text box but it will be applied when you have sent the message.

  • Code to write in italics in Telegram: Put two underscores on either side of the text you want to italicize: __example italic text__.
  • Code to write in bold in Telegram: just put the word or phrase you want to put in bold with two asterisks on each side: **example bold text**.
  • Code for crossing out text in Telegram: you must insert two tildes ~ ~ before and after the text to be crossed out: ~ ~ ~example text crossed out ~ ~ ~.
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