How to know in Telegram if you read my message

Improve the privacy and learn some related tricks in Telegram with this article.

Telegram is one of the most versatile messaging apps. It has a variety of added features that even allow you to use it as a productivity tool. For example, with Telegram, you can store files in the cloud, even privately, create reminders or read the latest news from your favorite Internet sites. But, the most important features are those that are directly related to contact between two or more users.

For example, it has a reading confirmation system. How do I know in Telegram if they read my message? It is very easy. You should look at the icon that appears next to each of the messages sent. This graphic can have several aspects:

  • A tick, or a check: It indicates that the message has been sent to the Telegram cloud and that the other user has been notified.
  • Two ticks, or two checks: Indicates that the other user has opened Telegram and accessed the conversation. Or what is the same, that he has read the message.

This is the quickest way to know if someone has read our messages on Telegram. But what if this information does not appear, does it mean that you have been blocked?

How to know if you have been blocked on Telegram

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There is no official way to know if another user has blocked you on Telegram. However, there are some clues that can help you reach that conclusion with certainty:

  • You no longer see when the user last logged in: When you access the conversation, at the top, by default it shows when the other user last logged in. If this information does not appear, you may have been blocked.
  • Your messages are never read: If you send several messages and they are never marked with the double tick or check, it is possible that your contact has restricted communications with you.
  • You no longer see their profile picture: Telegram replaces the profile image of users who have blocked us with a generic graphic, with the initials of the contact’s name. This can be an indication that you have been blocked on Telegram.

Although all these reasons may lead you to suspect, they are not definitive proof that you have been blocked. If your contact does not read your messages, it is likely that they have uninstalled Telegram from their device. On the other hand, if you have stopped seeing their last connection or their profile picture, perhaps it is because they have modified their privacy settings. In fact, you can modify those settings yourself if you want to go more unnoticed on Telegram. how?

Remove the double-check on the Telegram

If you want others not to know when you have read messages received, unfortunately, Telegram does not offer such an option. Instead, from the app’s settings, you can modify other parameters to improve privacy. Go to Settings > Privacy & security and modify the following:

  • Phone number: Hide your real number from other users. You can choose between All, My contacts or No one. You can also add specific exceptions.
  • Last time online: Hide when you last accessed Telegram. Replace it with approximate information, such as “last time a long time ago”.
  • Profile picture, calls, and forwarded messages: You have several options related to these sections. In general, you can select between All, My contacts, or nobody in each of them.