TUTORIAL 2024: Installing mods and songs on Beat Saber for PC

Today I’m going to show you how to install mods and custom songs in the PC version of Beat Saber, the best known Virtual Reality rhythm game in and out of Virtual Reality.

First of all I want to tell you that this method works for both Steam and Oculus Rift versions, if you have an Oculus Quest I leave you this other tutorial.

But on the other hand if you have the game in the PSVR version I regret to tell you that at the moment you can not include custom songs or mods on this platform.

How to download mods and songs for Beat Saber on PC

In principle Beat Saber is a game that contains free songs and paid packs, but to be honest they are not to the liking of all users.

With this tutorial we are going to extend your hours of playing Beat Saber to almost infinity as you will have at your disposal a huge catalog of songs created by the community of modders.

For this we will need:

  • Original Beat Saber for PC (SteamVR or Oculus).
  • ModAssistant from GitHub
  • It should be noted that ModAssistant is not the only method to download songs and mods in Beat Saber but for my taste it is the most complete and functional to date.

1- Install or update Beat Saber

The first thing to do would be to have purchased Beat Saber from the official platforms of Oculus Rift or SteamVR. We can find it at 29,99€ on Steam and at the same price on the Oculus platform.

ModAssistant is constantly being updated to be compatible with the latest versions of Beat Saber so this tutorial should be useful for you in the future.

Once downloaded and/or updated Beat Saber we launch it a first time to generate all the necessary files in the root folder of the game.

2- Install ModAssistant

Now we go to the official GitHub of ModAssistant where we can download the program that will give us all the facilities to give a new life to Beat Saber.

Once on the web we look down in the Assets section and click on ModAssistant.exe, then our browser will launch a warning message. Click on download and wait a few seconds.

When the program is installed we will get a welcome window to accept the terms of use where it tells us that Beat Saber is not responsible for the use of mods and their failures.

Accept the terms and conditions and go to the top left to the Mods tab where a list of mods will appear with some of them pre-checked. These mods are the essential ones to be able to download songs in Beat Saber.

I recommend not to touch any of them because if you select all of them without knowing what they do, you will most likely wreck the game.

Now we simply have to click on the bottom right where there is a button that says “Install or Update”, this process will not take a minute and we will have the mods installed.

3 – Download Custom songs

If you have done all the steps well then all that is left is the fun part, search for songs within the Beat Saber game for PC and download them without having to remove the viewer.

Once in the Beat Saber main menu we look to the left where we will see a new mods menu where we can see what we have installed.

Go to “More Songs” and click on it to bring up a menu with songs created by the community. This mod provides us with several tools to search for songs, from searching for the most popular ones to searching by name.

Once we have found the song we want to download, we select it and it will give us information about the number of boxes to cut, obstacles and difficulty of the song among other things.

To download it is as simple as pressing the Download button and on the left side will appear a queue with the songs you are downloading, this usually lasts only 2 seconds as they do not weigh too much.

4- Play custom songs

Once you have downloaded your favorite songs, it is time to try them and see your mastery cutting boxes to the rhythm of your downloaded songs.

To do this we go to the main menu, it will display the songs that normally appear in our game, to see the downloaded ones we go to the custom levels tab.

And everything is ready, you just have to select the difficulty and start sweating it out following the rhythm while cutting boxes with your lightsaber.

This tutorial has been focused on adding custom songs in Beat Saber for PC but soon I will bring a top mods for Beat Saber PC so you can get even more out of this great game.

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