Create your FREE VR Theater room on Bigscreen and watch movies with friends

Today I come to show you how to create your own cinema room to watch series, games or movies in BigScreen Virtual Reality theater room with friends through the BigScreen platform totally FREE.

In addition Bigscreen has official rooms in which we can see events such as concerts or movies in a Virtual Reality cinema, that yes check the language first as many of them will be only in English.

On the other hand I will also show you how to join a room that a friend has created in which you can see everything he wants to broadcast in real time as a gameplay, movie, notes or even work issues.

What is Bigscreen in VR?

This application was one of the pioneers in the world of Virtual Reality being launched in April 2016. Since then Bigscreen has not stopped improving its stream service and also totally for free.

With Bigscreen we can stream our computer screen in real time to our Virtual Reality viewer for us or for a group of people. You can watch from movies to play games on a virtual cinema screen.

In addition, on several occasions they have created rooms to broadcast important events such as boxing matches, concerts or soccer games.

The best way to enjoy something like this is to download a VR movie from websites and platforms that allow you to do that for free. You are more likely to just get access to 4K movies on streaming platforms. For a VR experience, you will have to do some had work and put in a little bit of effort. To know more about credible platforms that can help you download VR movies, please visit

Create a room in BigScreen to watch Virtual Reality Movies from a PC

What do I need to create a BigScreen room?

Now let’s see how to create your own room and invite your friends or make it public so that anyone can participate in it. We will need the following:

  • PC with BigScreen Installed (Oculus or SteamVR version).
  • Virtual Reality Viewer (Any one will do since it is on all platforms).
  • Cable link or Airlink connection in case of using Meta Quest or Quest 2.

configure the video in BigScreen

When running the application for the first time on our PC, it will make us a small tutorial to configure the audio of our viewer and choose which microphone we want to use. If you have already made your profile and you don’t see this option, you can find it in the settings tab.

Now we are going to configure the video and the quality in which we are going to broadcast, for it we go to My Room > Desktop where the Streaming options will appear.

Depending on our connection we will be able to broadcast our screen at 1080p with a bitrate of up to 5mbps.

Then we will select the option “Stream this screen” when we want to broadcast with our friends and they can see the screen from their viewers.

Configuring the audio in BigScreen

This is arguably the most important step since most of the time you will not have a good experience in BigScreen it will be because of the audio.

For everything to go smoothly we must go to Settings > Audio and from there we must install the BigScreen audio drivers.

Once installed we restart the computer and the application for the change to take effect, this step will only have to be done once.

Create the room in BigScreen

Finally we are going to create the room in Bigscreen, by default the room will have your profile name, but we can change it and add a description.

Then we will choose if the room will be closed, private by invitation code or public, in which case I would recommend adding a description and category.

Once this is done we save the changes and click on “Host My Room”, if the room is private a button will appear that says “Show Room ID” with a code that we will have to share with our friends.

How do I enter a BigScreen room that has already been created?

Now I am going to show you how to enter a public movie room or one created by your group of friends where you will do god knows what.

The most important thing of all is that you have the BigScreen application installed for use with your Virtual Reality viewer. If it is a PCVR viewer you will need to install it from the store you prefer either SteamVR or Oculus Home, on the other hand if you have a Quest or Quest 2 you can install it natively on your VR viewer.

Once it is already installed and customized with your avatar and so on, the first thing you have to do is go to the social tab where you have the option to see Public Rooms created by the community and official TV Rooms.

If you look closely there is a box called “your room code here” where we will enter the code that our friend gives us to enter his private room and watch what he broadcasts through his PC.

What can I watch on BigScreen in VR?

If you have created your own BigScreen room, you and your friends will be able to watch anything that is reflected on your monitor, be it series, movies, games or even educational documentaries…

Also in the BigScreen TV Rooms you can find several channels where you can watch programs like Doctor Who, Narcos or Nightmare in the kitchen but check before the language to see if they are only in English

Finally, whenever we enter the public rooms we must be careful and read carefully the description and name of the room to not find anything we do not want to see.

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