V37 comes to Meta Quest with menu enhancements and Apple keyboard

V37 comes to Meta Quest with menu enhancements and Apple keyboard. Menu improvements, Apple Magic keyboard and link sharing are just some of the new features Meta has released for Quest in v37.

As we are used to, Meta Quest 2 v37 will be arriving in our viewers in waves, so don’t worry if it takes a while.

What’s in the new V37 version?

The first update of the year of our favorite Virtual Reality viewer comes loaded with features and updates to improve our experience.

I’d also like to remind you that all this information and more can be found every night on the Twitch channel where I answer all your questions and we review them live.

Apple Magic Keyboard

Starting with v37 Meta Quest 2 will support Apple’s wireless keyboard thanks to Bluetooth pairing.

As with Logitech’s K830 the Apple Magic will have a virtual representation when we are using it. Although it should be said that this is an experimental form and with hand tracking enabled.

During the next week this feature will be made available to developers so they can include these keyboards in their apps.

Hand tracking menu

Hand tracking is one of the newest and most attractive features of the Quest range viewers that provides a higher level of immersion.

As we have already seen with the virtual keyboards we must have this option active and Meta wanted to increase its possibilities by creating a quick menu.

From now on we will be able to create shortcuts just by putting our thumb and forefinger together. We will be able to configure it to have access to the most used options such as screenshot, open browser or turn on the microphone.

Share links

Many of us like to watch videos, movies, series or navigate with our reality viewer on, but sometimes this is not possible.

Imagine you are watching a video of how to do something with the viewer, because from now on you can send the link to your Quest.

To do this is as simple as sending a link via Share > Oculus App > Our viewer. This is possible with Android phones, the feature for iOS will come in the future.

Desktop mode for 2D applications

In the last Meta Connect of 2021 they added some 2D apps like Facebook and Instagram which we could use in windowed mode.

Now these 2D panels will be larger and we will be able to position them further away to favor multitasking once we are using our viewer.

This is a feature designed especially for those people who use their viewer as a work tool in what Meta calls Infinite Office.

New browse page.

The main browsing window has been redesigned to facilitate our searches and offer us recommendations to our liking.

Our new screen will offer us all the information we need or might need including notifications saved through the android phone.

It will also display a list of our friends and their app activity to encourage group activities along with apps you might be interested in.

Other version improvements

  • Being able to resize browser windows, Oculus TV and multitasking apps.
  • Smart browser tabs that help keep the environment tidy.
  • Improvements for the Oculus Touch being able to configure its dead zone from the center of the controller to avoid drifting.
  • Teleport in the Oculus Home hiding the universal menu.
  • Now we will be able to modify the order of the applications in the library.
  • Improved Link Sharpening by adjusting its visual clarity.
  • Improved Guardian system without scrolling where it will now show the passthrough.
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