The V35 for Meta Quest: Mixed Reality, Cloud Backup and VR Calling

Learn about the V35 for Meta Quest. Meta has released the last update of the year, v35 for its Meta Quest 2 viewer, which will be coming to our viewers gradually starting today.

And not only is it the latest, it’s also one of the biggest of the year and includes features that had been announced last month at the 2021 Connect.

Messenger calls in VR, cloud backup, Mixed Reality for iPhone and environment customization for our Workroom are some of the features of this new version.

Mixed Reality Camera on iPhone

Mixed reality is one of the best ways to show a new virtual reality game in our social networks, but it is not always easy to do it or special equipment is needed.

But as of v35 we will be able to see record and share videos with us within a virtual environment that is compatible without the need for studios or special equipment.

That if, what we will need is an iPhone XS or higher with iOS 11.0 and v139 version of Oculus mobile. In addition Meta has published on its blog a list of compatible games.

Calls in Virtual Reality

Meta is a social platform that also aims to create a metaverse to facilitate social relationships within the metaverse.

For this reason earlier this year they introduced their Messenger application within the Quest operating system to facilitate communication without having to remove the viewer.

Now we will also be able to send and receive calls while playing in Virtual Reality, either with people who have a visor or who are using a mobile device.

Multiuser and App Sharing are no longer experimental

These are two of the features that Quest users have appreciated the most, Multi-user allows us to have our own progress, history and privacy.

While App Sharing allows us to play the games of the “host” of the viewer without having to purchase another copy as many times as users use the device.

As of today, these features are no longer experimental and are now part of the standard configuration of our Meta Quest Virtual Reality viewers.

Backup copy

Have you ever had to reset Quests or delete a game in order to install another one, thus losing all your progress and other settings? Well, in Meta Quest V35 this will no longer happen because they have included the option to make backup copies of our game in the cloud.

From now on if we change viewer or uninstall an application we will be able to access our games again later by restoring the copy.

Cloud Backup is released today at a slower pace than the version itself to ensure its proper functioning and although it is activated by default it is possible that some developers do not have it activated yet.

Decorate your office in Horizon Workrooms

Each person is unique and we all have different tastes, for this reason Meta has launched in this update the possibility to improve and decorate the Horizon Workrooms.

We will be able to choose between several environments, add our company logo and place customized panels to support our Virtual Reality chats.

Horizon Workroom awaits even more improvements that are also laying the groundwork for another feature we are waiting for, the Horizon Home, our own customizable virtual space.

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