Google maps: How to get my current location

We tell you how to configure Google Maps to get from your location to any other place you need.

Do not miss this utility in Google Maps: how to get from my current location to any other place. We show you the steps to follow to configure the route most easily.

If there is an ideal application to move from one place to another that is Google Maps. This platform displays a real-time navigation system that shows the user how to get to an exact location.

In addition, Google Maps has different tools that show us the state of traffic, the businesses in a certain area, or see any place with all kinds of details thanks to augmented reality.

To learn on Google Maps: how to get from my current location to any other place, first open the application from your mobile either with an Android system or from any iPhone. Then go to the right side of the screen and click on a white circle icon with an arrowhead inside. The map on the screen will zoom in to detail.

Then in the search box type in the address, you want to go to and then click on “search”. The destination point will appear on the map. Now click on the “how to get there” button and you will see at the top of the map the starting point, which is your current location, and the destination point, which is the address you entered.

Check the means of transport by which you want to go and then choose the route you are most interested in. By default, Google Maps offers you the fastest one, but you may not be interested in it because it has tolls. When you have chosen the route click on “start” to begin it.

My location: Now where am I on Google maps

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If you do not want to go to any specific place, but you wonder what is my location: now where am I on Google Maps we tell you the steps to find out.

Open the Google Maps application. The button that shows your location is the one shown with a white circle and an arrowhead inside. Whenever you click on it, it will move to your current location. If you click on it twice it will zoom in much closer to the map and you will see much more detail of the area where you are located.

How to use Google maps to get from one place to another

Now that you know the Google Maps tool: how to get from my current location, now we show you how to use Google Maps to go from one place to another.

It’s very simple, you just have to open the Google Maps application on your mobile device and then click on the “Go” button at the bottom of the screen. Then, in the search box that appears at the top, enter the destination point and click on “search”.

Now click on “How to get there” to set the correct route. If the location of the first place you want to go to is different from your current location change it in the box with a blue dot.

When you have the correct starting point click on the magnifying glass to insert it. Then you will see on the screen the different routes you can take to go from one place to another. Finally, click on start so that Google Maps starts to give you the indications and direct you to your destination.