What To Do If Wireless Charging Doesn’t Work With An Android Smartphone [Guide]

What to do if wireless charging doesn’t work with an Android smartphone. Today, we will see with this new guide what to do if Wireless charging with an android smartphone does not work. Recharging a smartphone in the past has always been a problem for many, this is because it takes time to be able to have a charged battery and it could happen to end up with a discharged smartphone, just 10 minutes away from an important outing. The risk was to leave the house with a drained smartphone, but with the arrival of fast charging things have changed for the better. In fact, suffice it to say that there are now smartphones that can be recharged with fast chargers that can reach up to 150 W, which allows for a full battery charge in just a quarter of an hour or less. This was a really huge step in terms of charging times, which are much shorter than in the past.

But the technology affecting smartphone battery charging does not stop at wired charging alone, but goes far beyond that, in fact, among smartphones, especially the top-of-the-line ones, Wireless battery charging has become more and more popular, and that allows one to be able to charge the battery of a smartphone without the need to connect the phone device to a cable. Although Wireless charging, still cannot reach the fast charging speeds of the wired type, it still offers the convenience of being able to charge a smartphone by simply placing it on the charging surface, without any cable connected to the phone. The greater slowness of a Wireless charging then, pays off with greater convenience: you take the smartphone, place it on the charging base, and wait for the battery to be charged. Easy, right? But what happens if Wireless charging stops working? We have gathered several solutions in that case that will allow you to solve the problem in case of malfunctions with the Wireless charging base.

if you use a cover to protect your smartphone, remove it

If your smartphone uses a protective cover, you should remove it as it may prevent Wireless charging from working. In order for Wireless charging to work, both the coils of the smartphone and the charging base must be as close as possible and without any obstruction between them. Now, if you are using a cover that is not compatible with Wireless charging, the consequence is that the battery will not charge. So remove the cover from the smartphone and see if doing so causes the Wireless charging base to start working. Of course, if you don’t want to always be there to take off and put on the cover every time you need to charge your smartphone with a Wireless charging station, I suggest you buy a new cover suitable for use with a Wireless charging base.

try a better smartphone location

If Wireless charging does not work or works poorly, it could be due to the position you use to bring the charging base in contact with each other and the phone. Try to better position the smartphone and charging base so that the coils are able to sit facing each other. If the correct alignment between charging base and smartphone is missing, disconnections or missed charges could occur.

try changing outlets

While there is no cable between the Wireless Charging Base and the smartphone, you still need a cable that connects the Charging Base to the power outlet. If you have plugged the charging base into an outlet that does not work or you are using a plug adapter and it does not make good contact, you may end up with a charging base that does not work. What you can try in this case is very simple and consists of taking the power cord from the charging base and plugging it into another outlet you have at home, same thing if you are using a plug adapter. If you notice that by changing the outlet the Wireless charging base works, the problem was the outlet, whereas if, on the other hand, even after plugging it into an outlet that you are sure is working, the charging base does not work, then move on to the next solution

enable Fast Wireless charging from your smartphone

Perhaps there may be nothing wrong with the Wireless charging station, but instead what is wrong lies in the option you have on your smartphone that allows you to enable or disable Fast Wireless charging. The Wireless fast charging that some smartphones that support this technology may have can be turned off, so maybe the charging is working properly, but it is very slow, so to you it may seem like something is not working as it should. For example, on Samsung phones, you can check if your smartphone can enable Fast Wireless Charging by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings on your phone
  • Scroll down to Battery and Device Care and tap on it to access the new screen
  • Now select the Battery item 
  • Scroll down and tap on the Other Battery Settings item
  • Next to Wireless Fast Charging you will be able to see a switch. Activate the switch and now fast charging should be faster.

use another charger from the Wireless charging station

The Wireless charger does not always come with its own power supply, but often you have to buy it separately or if it is compatible you can use the one from the smartphone you already have. Most Wireless chargers have a maximum power rating of 10 to 15 W, for which you need to use a compatible fast-charging charger. If you are using the smartphone charger, it may not be compatible with the charging base and therefore the latter may not work properly. So get a charger that meets the characteristics that are specified by the manufacturer so that it can provide the sufficient amount of power to be able to power the Wireless charging base.

change the cable of the wireless charging station

In addition to the power supply of the Wireless charging base, the problem of failure could also be due to the non-functioning cable of the charging station. A damaged Wireless base charging cable that is about to break down completely can lead to charging base malfunctions, such as total lack of charging function or intermittent operation. You may notice, if the cable is damaged that moving it will sometimes cause Wireless charging to resume, while at other times it will still work intermittently, until the cable internally breaks completely and stops working. If you have a chance try a compatible replacement cable you have at home, otherwise you will have to buy a new one that is suitable for use with the Wireless charging station.

faulty fast charging station

If the Wireless Charging Station is faulty, it will be impossible to get it working except after a repair. If you are going to buy a new one because it is not worth the repair, make sure it is a Qi-certified Wireless charging device. This will ensure that you take home a quality Wireless charger that is compatible with most smartphones out there. Cheaper Wireless chargers, on the other hand, generally do not have Qi certification and can give rise to malfunctioning problems.


Fast charging is really super convenient: you pick up the smartphone, place it on the charging base, and wait for the battery to charge. Nothing could be simpler. But if the Wireless charging station does not work, there can be several causes for the malfunction. This guide has collected all the possible causes of Wireless charging malfunctions and I hope they have helped you solve them. Until the next guide.

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