Remote Control Android Tv Doesn’t Work, What To Do? Guide With All The Solutions

What to do when your remote control Android Tv doesn’t work. You are enjoying your Android TV lying on the couch at home, watching the best TV series from Amazon Prime and Netflix, but you try to turn up the volume and realize that the remote control doesn’t work, you try to turn it off but nothing, nothing works, what could have happened? If the remote control of your Android TV stops working, it’s a big problem, because you will no longer be able to control any function that pertains to your Android TV, but if you are facing this problem, don’t worry, because in this guide you will find several solutions that will allow you to solve if your Android TV remote control has stopped working. Continue reading this guide to find out what to do if your Android TV remote control doesn’t work.

Through the use of an Android TV, the user has the ability to be able to stream movies and TV series, being able to take advantage of the visuals that the big screen of a TV offers. In addition, with Android TV you can use apps to be able to take advantage of its full potential, and you can control it all directly while sitting on your couch using the appropriate remote control. If the remote control of an Android TV stops working, however, it is quite a problem, this is because you will no longer be able to remotely control the device. So what to do if the Android TV remote control has stopped working? Several solutions have been collected to solve the problem and you can find them all listed below.

change the batteries

Your remote control may have stopped working simply because the batteries have now run out, so they will need to be replaced with a new pair. To get a better understanding of whether the problem you are experiencing with your Android TV because of the remote control not working is caused by the batteries, you can very simply walk up to the TV and take apart the plastic that covers the batteries in the remote control, then take them out and put them back in. If the batteries are dead but there is still some charge left, you will see that they will still make the remote control work for a while and now you will be able to turn on the TV and manage all its functions for a short time, then the remote will stop working again. You can be sure that if you notice this, the problem lies in the batteries. Even if you disassemble and reassemble the batteries, you might notice that the remote control doesn’t work anyway because they are now completely exhausted. In any case, buy a couple of good quality batteries, preferably rechargeable batteries, and replace them, then you will see that the remote control will start working normally again.

reboot your TV.

There may be nothing wrong with your remote control, while instead it may be your Android TV that has gone haywire and for who knows what reason has stopped responding to your remote. To check if the problem lies in the Andoid TV, you need to turn off the device, but obviously this will not be possible by pressing on the remote control’s off button because the remote now no longer does its job. Since you cannot use the remote control to be able to turn off the Android TV, the only thing you will be able to do is to unplug the power outlet. Having done that, plug it back in and see if now using the remote control the TV turns on and responds to all other commands. If this solution does not work, then move on to the next solution.

make sure the Bluetooth remote control in use with the Android TV is properly paired

Many of the remote controls that are in use with Android TVs work using a Bluetooth connection, so unlike a regular TV remote that works with infrared, you will need to pair Android TV with the remote control, otherwise it will not be able to work. So if you have decoupled the remote control from the Android TV, the two devices will no longer be able to be able to communicate with each other and you will have to proceed with a new pairing. Pairing the remote control with the Android TV is not the same for all devices as a different combination of buttons may be required to allow the two devices to pair. On some Android TVs, you can do the pairing with the remote control using the combination of the Home + Back buttons, while on others you just need to hold down the Home button for a few seconds of time. However, I recommend that you get the manual with the instructions regarding how the Android TV works, then check which key combination or button to press to enable pairing between remote control and Android TV. If you can’t find your Android TV manual, you can always use Google to search for your Android TV model and surely some site will have all the information you need to be able to pair your Android TV with the remote control.

if you use an infrared remote control make sure it works

If you have also changed the batteries to your infrared (IR) remote control, but it still won’t work, I suggest you check if the device is working. You can do this in a very simple way by taking advantage of your smartphone’s camera: Pick up the remote control > Take your smartphone and start the camera > Point with your smartphone’s camera at the remote’s IR sensor (usually located on the top side) > Press any button on the remote always framing the sensor with your smartphone’s camera > If you see the sensor become bright, it means the remote is working. If the IR sensor does not turn on and thus does not become bright and you have already replaced the batteries, the problem may be hardware for the remote control.

make sure you are using the remote control not too far away from the Android TV

If you are using the remote control from far away from your Android TV, this could most likely be the cause why you noticed it stops working. Android TV and remote control need to be a few meters apart, otherwise the signal from the remote control will not reach the TV. So you have to get closer to the TV and remove any obstacles between Android TV and remote control if you want it to work. This applies to both Android TV remotes that use Bluetooth technology and those that use infrared instead.

use the Google TV app to use an Android smartphone as a remote control

If your remote control is broken and you’ve made sure it doesn’t work, if you haven’t had a chance to be able to replace the batteries but you urgently need to use your Android TV, if you can’t find the remote control anymore, you can use the Google TV app to install on your smartphone so you can use your phone as a remote control for your TV.

Here’s how to use your smartphone as a remote control for Android TV using Google TV:

  • You should already have the Google TV app installed on your Android smartphone, otherwise you can download it from the Play Store
  • Now select the TV Remote Control item located in the lower right corner of the app screen
  • When prompted, give consent to the app.
  • You will then be shown a list with the detected Android TVs. Select the one you want to control with your smartphone
  • You will then be shown a code on the TV screen. Enter this code on the appropriate screen that is shown to you by Google TV. Then press Pair
  • Now they should pair your smartphone with Android TV and you can use your phone as a remote control instead of the original one


Having an Android TV with a remote that doesn’t work is really a hassle, but the solutions seen above should have helped you solve the problem. In fact, many times it’s just a matter of changing the batteries in the remote control, other times it’s a Bluetooth remote disconnect, and other times it’s just the faulty remote. In the latter case you can either buy a new remote control if you can find it or use the Remote function found on Google TV to use your smartphone as a remote control. Until the next guide.

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