How to modify Echo Show Wake Word? – From the ‘Alexa’ application

Find out how to modify Echo Show wake word. Google has many speakers that together with your virtual assistant will help you to do your work easily and without complications one of these is the Amazon Echo Show which is one of the most intelligent of Google, has a screen that will help you more to your work. If you do not know how to do this you just have to stay and read this article, here we will tell you how to modify Echo Show from the ‘Alexa’ application.

What are the steps to modify the ‘Change Alexa Voice’ correctly?

Alexa has many search functions, among these is a ranking with the most popular browsing positions on the internet, but to do these searches you need to have ‘Change Alexa Voice’ correctly, if you do not have it in good condition, your searches may be in vain, since Alexa will not answer you, this is the way you can modify it correctly:

With your iOS device:

  • Enter the app menu on your iPhone device.
  • Search for settings.
  • In settings look for default assistant.
  • In these you must enter the Alexa application. If you have it located in your application menu you can also enter from there.
  • After opening the Alexa app you should press Alexa again.
  • Now you will see that it has a box that says menu, press on it in order to enter.
  • In menu you will have different options, you should look for the box that says ability.
  • When you find this one you should press on your button in order to select this option.
  • You must now add the skill with some kind of voice command so that it recognizes you, you must be clear and press so that when you need it it recognizes you.
  • In this way you have already modified your ‘Change Alexa Voice’.

With your Android device:

  • Enter your Alexa application from the application menu, if you do not have it downloaded you must go to Google Play Store and search for Amazon Alexa.
  • After you have Alexa press on it until you get to the official page.
  • In this press on the Menu option, this is located depending on your device on the main screen.
  • If you are in menu you will see the Ability option, click on it in order to select it.
  • Now you only have to add the skill with your voice by placing a command of this skill.
  • You must also have updated your applications so that you get the corresponding functions, otherwise you may get an error or not have a box you need, to update it you just have to go to your download store and go to updates and then click on update, do it before doing your procedure so you do not waste time later.

What is the way to use a custom activation word on your device?

On your Echo app you can use the wake word when you are employing the some search with your virtual assistant on Android or with your iPhone, just speak and it will listen to you, this is the way you can change the wake word on the Echo device:

With your iOS device:

  • Log into your Alexa app from your settings menu or from the apps.
  • After you are in this press and open device.
  • Click on all the devices you have here, culminating with yours.
  • Then you must click on the option that says General, this is located in the menu that you have on your screen.
  • Go down over all the General options until you find the Activation word, when you find it press on it to enter.
  • Choose a word that you want to put, it can be any word, just enter one.
  • When you finish click on ready and then click on OK. This way you have already changed your activation word.

With your Android device:

  • Open from your Android device the Alexa application, this must be fully downloaded.
  • Then you must click on Device to enter the main page of your application.
  • Now you must press to select all the devices to finish with yours.
  • Enter the General option now.
  • After being in general you must scroll down to scroll through all the options you have on your screen.
  • When you find a box that says Activation Word you must press on it to enter its settings.
  • Now in activation word you must place a word that activates your Echo when you listen to it, when you finish this action press OK to successfully complete this procedure.

How to change the Google Home activation word correctly?

Google Home is a virtual assistant application from Google that will help you to do different tasks in a faster and safer way, with just one activation word you can start using it.

If you want to change the activation word on this one it will not be possible, since this option is not yet available in the Google Home settings, it will only be Hey Google or OK Google. But you may wonder why others allow it and this one doesn’t? The answer to this question is that the creators of this application do not believe that it is a setting of interest to its users.

Why can’t you effectively modify ‘Change Alexa Voice’?

Sometimes ‘Change Alexa Voice’ can not be modified effectively by various circumstances, one of these may be that you do not have an updated application, but if you have them these are the problems that appear most:

Connection problems

To be able to perform any action on your ‘Change Alexa Voice’ you must have a good connection, otherwise the changes will not be modified.

Disconfigured device

Devices sometimes become unconfigured over time, if you are having failures in your application go into the settings and see if there is any error.