Why WhatsApp Web is not in the phone settings – what to do and how to solve the problem?

Why Whatsapp Web is not in the phone settings. WhatsApp Web is not in your phone settings and you can’t log in to your profile on your computer? You need to urgently find out what the cause of the problem is – believe me, you can fix the situation on your own.

Causes and solution

If WhatsApp Web is not in the settings, connecting to the browser version of the messenger will be extremely problematic. What to do if you need to log in to the account from your computer? Where does the error come from and how can you fix it?

1. lack of update

If WhatsApp Web is not in your phone settings, you should think about updating the application. Perhaps you haven’t put a new version of the messenger for a very long time? Hence the bugs, errors, serious malfunctions.

  • Open the application store on your smartphone (Google Play Market or App Store);
  • Enter the name of the messenger in the search box or find it in the list of installed applications;
  • If there is an “Update” button next to the name, press it boldly – and wait until the process completes automatically.

When WhatsApp Web is not in the phone settings, the first thing to do is to check for updates in the store. We will not get tired of reminding you: timely application updates will save you from a lot of problems, increase security and open access to new features.

2. The old firmware of your smartphone

In addition, it will not be superfluous to put the operating system update. Find the appropriate option in the settings of your smartphone. Maybe you haven’t updated your device for a very long time? This can lead to critical errors.

What else can be done if there is no WhatsApp web in the WhatsApp settings? Think about the quality of the connection! How does this system work? The main thing is the mobile application, the browser version acts only as an add-on. To connect one device to another, you need a quality connection to the network.

3. Weak Internet Signal

Check if your Internet is working well – that may be why there is no WhatsApp Web in your settings! Try opening any website or other messenger, social network. If problems persist:

  • Try going into air mode for a few seconds;
  • Switch from mobile network to wireless network or vice versa;
  • Reboot the router/router;
  • Make sure your account has enough credit and all Internet options are connected.
  • Browser connection bans can also appear if you use a managed network – for example, at an educational institution or at work. There is nothing you can do here, try not working via Wi-Fi!

It’s also worth keeping track of which browser you use. Messenger will only work in the latest versions of browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera or Safari. Other browsers, such as Internet Explorer, are not supported.

One last and very useful tip. If you have disappeared WhatsApp Web in your settings, try closing the app completely, turning off your smartphone and turning it back on. Often a simple reboot saves a huge amount of malfunctions and errors.

Even if you have lost WhatsApp Web in your settings, do not despair – most likely you can quickly solve the problem on your own! Follow our tips and in just a few minutes you will be connected to the messenger in the browser. Good luck!

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