Baby Cry Detector: How To Enable And Configure It In Your Galaxy Smartphone?

Learn about the Baby Cry Detector. Samsung’s mobile flagship Galaxy series, as befits a modern device of this level, is “stuffed”, as they say, to the brim. In the sense that the functionality of the device is extremely broad and can do many things. However, if we connect the Galaxy Gear smartwatch to this device, then this broadest functionality can be expanded even further. Moreover, some of the new features are pleasantly surprising.

For example, if suddenly it becomes necessary to leave a small child alone in the room for a while, well, to cook porridge, to take diapers out of the washing machine, to put bottles into the sterilizer – how many mom or dad can be busy, so Galaxy together with Galaxy Gear smartwatch can be used as a so-called radio nanny.

The most interesting thing is that this feature – baby cry detector – is built-in to Galaxy, and it’s easy to activate, so no additional apps or firmware is required. You only need the Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

In fact, the baby monitor function in the Galaxy smartwatch is called much more technologically advanced – “baby cry detector”. However, what difference does it make?

The system functions as follows: once the option is set and activated, the smartphone will automatically detect the voice of a crying baby through the built-in microphones and signal it (after 5-10 seconds) to the owner (or owner) by sending a message to the connected Galaxy Gear, which in turn will immediately begin to vibrate on the wrist.

The description of the function says that it works best if you place the smartphone no further than a meter away from the child, ideally a child’s bedroom or a room where no strong extraneous noise penetrates.

So How Do You Turn On The Baby Cry Detector And Turn Your Galaxy With Gear Into This Kind Of Radio Nanny?

As we said before, there is no need to download and install additional mobile software. All you need to do is connect your smartwatch to your smartphone and then activate the baby cry detector in the menu.

To do this, go to “Settings”, find and tap “Special Features”, then “Hearing” and at the bottom of the screen just check the checkbox Child Crying Detector (Settings -> Accessibility -> Hearing -> Baby crying detector).

This will open the fine-tuning screen, where you can record the desired sound of the baby’s voice, set the vibration alarm, etc.

By the way, Galaxy can be set to detect baby crying even without a smartwatch. The smartwatch will vibrate or blink if the baby has cried in your absence. But with the Galaxy Gear, of course, such a baby crying detector works to greater advantage.