The Best Hidden Coin Master Tricks Of 2024

Learn the best hidden coin master tricks of 2022. Want to improve your strategy in Coin Master? Don’t miss these tricks

One of the most addictive and exciting games out there for mobile is Coin Master. If you have just arrived to the game and you need strategies to advance and get the best resources, do not miss this selection with the best-hidden tricks of Coin Master of 2022.

Coin Master is a game for mobile devices fremium type that has been developed by the Israeli studio Moon Active.  This game has managed to have over 100 million downloads and has become the highest grossing video game in the UK and Germany. If you need tricks to improve your progress in the game or to better manage the game’s resources, don’t miss the best hidden Coin Master 2022 cheats.

Cheats In The Raids

We begin the best hidden tricks of Coin Master of 2022 with the trick of the fingers to get the treasure in the last hole of the attack on the village of your rival player. To perform it you have to do the following. To guess the last hole you have to put your fingers on the remaining options. Then touch the holes at the same time and hold down for a second. The prize hole will open. If you tap a little at a time the trick may not work.

Send More Than 5 Cards

If you want to send more than 5 cards per day, which is the default, Coin Master is quite easy. You only have to change the mobile time to let you do it or uninstall and reinstall the game.

Take Advantage Of Attacks

When attacking an enemy village look closely at the damaged buildings because they tend to release more coins if you throw the thunder hammer. Also, keep in mind that it is better to go to areas near buildings. In the last round press both points and the one where the loot is will be selected.

Save The Rolls

Among the best hidden tricks in Coin Master 2022 you can’t miss the one to save the rolls to use them later. To do this you must use the airplane mode. When the reward appears, enable the airplane mode on your mobile (or disable wifi and data) and then try to open the prize without an Internet connection. Then do not touch the screen to collect the reward. Coin Master will warn you of an error. At that moment activate the normal mode again on your mobile. This way you will have the same spins when the platform reconnects.

Spend Coins Fast

The purpose of the coins you get is to build villages. As soon as you get enough coins to build them, invest them. You must keep in mind that it is not worth storing them for days or hours because if you are attacked you can lose them in those attacks. Whenever you can invest them.

Look At Coin Master’s Social Networks

If you want to earn resources for the game you should be very attentive to the social networks of the game. Both Twitter and Facebook from the official account publish shortcuts to these gifts. Keep in mind that among the things they give to players are free spins.

Join A Team For The Exchange Of Cards

We close the best hidden Coin Master 2022 cheats with the teams. If you’re particularly interested in trading cards, it’s best to use teams. Any user can join an existing team or form a new team of 50 members. All teammates in a group can request draws, order a card, donate a card and chat with team members.

To join a team, go to the home screen and click on the teams button. If you are not a member of any team, the game will suggest some teams that have vacancies. If you choose a team and meet the requirements (some teams require a specific number of stars), you can join and take advantage of Coin Master Teams.

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