How To Set Up A Second Face Id In Iphone

Learn how to set up a second face Id in Iphone. As we all already know, Face ID is set up quickly and easily, but the system is not always able to work correctly. Therefore, following a bunch of tricks iPhone X users themselves, which in their own way trying to optimize the Face ID, in iOS 12 the company has implemented the ability to add an “alternative appearance” in system memory, ie actually a second Face ID.

An innovation, obviously, a good one, because now you can add to Face ID images of yourself wearing glasses or a hat (if you wear them often), or any other scan, on which the system has consistently “slowed down”.

For example, if you wear contact lenses during the day and glasses in the evening, this solution will finally allow you to use Face ID normally even in the evening or at night and not bother every time with a password just because your glasses made the iPhone not recognize you.

However, all those who were expecting that after the update of the operating system the smartphone will recognize photos of the face in landscape mode, we are now going to disappoint.

Not yet, unfortunately. In iOS the front module TrueDepth landscape mode still does not support, that is, if the iPhone is rotated, neither the first nor the second Face ID will still not help.

But now in Face ID you can register not only your face. So, if your smartphone is often used by someone else in your family (or colleagues), the second Face ID is guaranteed to help for a long time to forget the questions of the series “Mom/Daddy (Grandpa/Grandma, Honey/Dear), and what is your password?”

Anyway, here’s how to extend the Face ID functionality in your iPhone after the system upgrade to iOS.

Registering A “Second Person.”

  • To do this, go to Settings, open the “Face ID and passcode” section, scroll down the screen, tap the “Configure Alternate Appearance” line, and then start the face scanning procedure.
  • It’s exactly the same as when setting up the “first” Face ID, so follow the instructions and then you won’t have to fiddle with the scanner for a long time.
  • Again, at this stage it is possible to scan not only the “alternative” version of yourself (in glasses, hat, wig, moustache, etc.), but also another face (spouse, child, friend, etc.).

In any case, the participant of the process traditionally requires concentration and attention. After completing the scanning procedure, tap “Continue”, scan again, and tap “Done”.

Setting Up The Second Face Id

If some image does not work well, if you need to add a new or remove the old (both the first and the second), it is necessary to erase all existing “views” and re-register first and then the second Face ID.

To do this:

  • open “Settings”, tap “Face ID and passcode” and then “Reset Face ID”;
  • after resetting, go back to the “Face ID and password code” section, re-launch the registration procedure for the first Face ID and scan YOUR face;
  • upon its successful completion, test the results and only then reopen “Face ID and code-password”, tap “Configure alternative appearance” and register alternative images.

By the way, there is an opinion that the second Face ID in iPhone X is a harbinger for the introduction of this feature in future iPads, which, according to Apple’s plan, will become universal home tablets for the whole family, and this feature won’t be superfluous.

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