The Beatles are the Most Creative Band of All Time

The Beatles phenomenon went way beyond any kind of stardom that had ever been seen before because of their creative songwriting abilities, their musical abilities and their charismatic personalities. BACKGROUND HISTORY: The first musical bands originated in New Orleans among black musicians who have traditionally been the innovators. The first jazz record ever recorded was … Read more

The Matrix

It is easy to confuse the concepts of “virtual reality” and a “computerized model of reality (simulation)”, as shown in The Matrix. The former is a self-contained Universe, replete with its “laws of physics” and “logic”. It can bear resemblance to the real world or not. It can be consistent or not. It can interact … Read more

Will Technology Advances Limit Entertainment Choices?

Hollywood has recently been telling America about the financial trouble the movie industry is facing despite technology advances. In response, Americans have asked Hollywood to start producing movies that are good enough to watch and worth the ten dollars theaters charge! Over the past four years ticket sales for new movies have steadily decreased. Why … Read more

Love and Courage

Perhaps these two concepts (love and courage) are the most important of philosophy as they capture the essense of life, in terms of its fundamental purpose and the sustained and vigorous effort necessary for achieving this purpose. I invite you to take this article as an opportunity to reflect on these concepts. And may you … Read more

Come Out With Your Checkbook Open

Being a movie buff with smiling memories of Jimmy Cagney, Joey, more in debt than usual, found himself in a familiar role. So come out with your checkbook open. “Joey, do you hear me?” the customer service rep called through a bullhorn. “This is Verizon.” “Whaddaya want?” Joey called back. “This is a final disconnect … Read more

Man Loses Memory; Shows Up At Emergency Room

“How did it happen,” the intern asked, “a tramautic emotional event, a knock on the head?” to the man loses memory. “No, no, nothing like that,” the businessman replied, taking out his PDA. “You see, I keep everything in my electronic organizer. At first, it was a convenience. Then, over time, I became dependent on … Read more