How Many Views A TikTok Video Has: How To Watch From Your Smartphone

Find out how many views a Tiktok video has. Watching how many views your video has accumulated in Tik Tok and how it is finally, well, maybe not the most viral in the world, but clearly more popular than all the previous ones, is a separate, incomparable pleasure. 

Don’t know how to quickly look up the number of views of a video or photo in the Tik Tok app? That’s okay, it’s okay for newbies. Now we’ll tell you.

By the way, watching the rapid growth of video views is, of course, an interesting and extremely enjoyable activity in itself. But the counter of these very views is also very useful because it allows you to quickly evaluate all published materials.

After all, based on the data on views, you can, first, determine the most effective clips. And secondly, you can also form some opinion about the current preferences of your audience, on the basis of which you can work out concepts for future videos, so that they will please the viewer even more and gather even more views and new fans of your undoubtedly ambitious talents.

So How Do You See From Your Smartphone How Many Views A Video Has Garnered In A Tick-Tok?

And to do so:

  • open the Tik Tok app
  • on the main screen, tap the “I” icon (in the bottom right corner of the screen);
  • on the profile screen, tap the button with the icon of 6 sticks (just below the red button “Change profile”);
  • and now we see the previews of all videos and photos, and how many views each – the figure is displayed in the bottom left corner of the picture.
  • Just in case, when the number of views doesn’t increase for a long time, in this case you should just restart the application. And if it does not help, then you need to close it forcibly and then open it again.

The procedure of forced restart of programs in Android 10, recall, looks as follows:

  • On the Desktop, find the icon TikTok;
  • Long tap on it, and in the menu that appears, click on “About the application”;
  • then on the properties screen of the program press the “Stop” button;
  • and restart the smartphone.
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