Error 664640 In Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: Why And How To Deal With It

Error 664640 in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare is quite common. At the time of this post-publication in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was a very new phenomenon (at least, this code has never been encountered before).

And at first it is somewhat puzzling.

As if it is clear that there is a problem with loading online user profile (on which, in fact, the game hangs), that is, a problem with the connection to the server Modern Warfare. But the reasons for this trouble in the description of the error is silent. Therefore we have to only guess about them…

But, as they say, not the first time. And in this regard, in short about that.

What To Do When Error 664640 Occurs In Modern Warfare.

So again, the error code 664640 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare indicates that the connection between the local equipment of the user and the game server has disappeared.

Consequently, the first thing to do is to double-check the current status of CoD servers (here is a link to Downdetector). Then – as usual.

If the server is some regular Achtung!, you just need to wait a little and try to enter the game after some time.

If the server is working fine, then recheck the connection from his side and just in case, restart the game, restart the computer / console, restart the router.

Practice shows that in the vast majority of cases, these measures are enough to solve the problem with the error 664640. However, in console versions of the game (mainly on PS4), as noted by some users, sometimes you need to change the DNS settings.

But again, this method is applicable only when the Downdetector shows us that the CoD servers are OK and there are reasons to believe that the problem is on the user’s side.

And secondly, we also take into account the fact that error 664640 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare often occurs on the day of the next game update.

That is, when everyone rushes to download updates and servers are working with an increased load. Therefore, before you reconfigure DNS, it is better to check the status of the server more than once and at certain intervals, for clarity.

In general, check the server, check the connection. And if everything is OK there, then change the DNS-server settings of the console, we remind you, you can do the following:

On Playstation:

  • go to “Settings”, press “Network” and then – “Set connection to the Internet”;
  • Specify the type of connection used – “WiFi” or “LAN cable”;
  • then choose “Special” (then if “WiFi” is chosen, then choose your WiFi network in the list and enter its password, and if “LAN cable” is chosen, then just go further);
  • Now – in order:
  • “IP address settings” -> Automatic
  • “DHCP hostname” -> Don’t specify
  • “DNS settings” -> Manual
  • for “Primary DNS” manually write, for “Secondary DNS” –
  • “MTU settings” -> “Manual”, we specify “1400”;
  • “Proxy server” -> Do not use.
  • Save the new settings and restart the game.

On Xbox One:

  • go to “Settings” of the console and click “Network” -> “Advanced settings” -> “DNS settings”;
  • and for the DNS servers manually write the following addresses:
  • for the Primary (Primary DNS) –
  • for Secondary DNS –
  • save new settings;
  • restart the game.
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