Google Photos I See Photos That Are Not Mine, How Can I Fix It?

Do you have photos in your Google Photos app that are not yours? See how to fix it

If you have accessed the Google Photos platform and you have seen that among the images that appear you do not recognize many of them because they do not belong to you, you will be in this situation: in Google Photos I see photos that are not mine, how to fix it? Find out below.

One of the most used applications to manage and organize photos is Google Photos. Since its launch in 2015 this platform has been increasing the number of users and has also included interesting features that have provided many more options for editing images.

In Google Photos you can create movies, collages, put effects and even 3D photos. The platform also allows you to share images with other users and synchronize them in the cloud storage to view them from any device.

If you are a Google Photos user you may have seen yourself in the circumstance that you do not recognize some images. Then in Google Photos I see photos that are not mine, how can I fix it? If photos that are not yours appear in a specific album, it may be because you once shared that album. To remove someone from an album you own, open the album and click on the three dots at the top of the screen. These are the options for that album. Then the contacts you share the album with will appear, choose all the people you want to remove and then click on “Remove person”.

You may also be logged in to your account on a mobile device that you do not control, have sold or someone else is using it. To prevent anyone from uploading photos to your account you must log out on all devices. To do this log in to and then from the “Security” tab go to “Your devices”. You will see all the devices where your Google session is open. Click on “More details” to log out of each of the devices you do not recognize.

How To Disable Photo Sync On Android

If you don’t want photos to be seen on any device you will need to know how to disable photo sync on Android.

To do this open the Google Photos app and tap on your profile picture that appears at the top right of the screen. Then choose “Settings Backup and sync”. And finally disable that “Backup and sync”. You will see a crossed out cloud icon that means you have completed the process successfully and your account is no longer synchronized.

Why Are My Photos Transferred To Another Cell Phone?

If in addition to having photos that are not yours, you see that your photos are moved to other devices, you may be wondering why are my photos being moved to another mobile? We tell you what may be happening.

Your photos are moved to another mobile because you have a shared album with someone else. So, when that person uploads photos they will appear on your device, but also when you upload photos in that album they will also be moved to the mobiles of other users who are also accepted in the shared group.

How To Change Your Google Photos Account

If you prefer not to continue using the same Google account on a device and change it for another that you have, find out how to change account in Google Photos.

To do this open the Google Photos app and click on the icon with your profile picture that appears at the top right. Then if you have the account you want to change added click on the name if not click on “add account” and enter the email address and password.