Halo Infinite: First Steps And How To Play For Free

One of the most awaited games of this year has been Halo Infinite. The return of Master Chief to consoles and PC has come loaded with new features and very well adapted to the current video game business. Therefore, with the arrival of a new game to the shooter market, we are going to tell you what you need to know to take the first steps and play Halo Infinite for free.

Halo Infinite, campaign and multiplayer

Veteran gamers will remember those times when paying for a game meant having full access to all its features.

We are not only talking about the appearance of downloadable content, but also about the activation of all its most basic functions, and nowadays some titles let you play multiplayer almost for free, if it were not for the famous battle passes.

This has been taken into account in the latest game published by 343 Industries, where they have repeated the formula of a fluid game with original and current mechanics.

This time the Master Chief will have to explore Halo Z, which has been taken over by the Banished faction. You will have to put an end to their threat and help the UNSC troops.

The result in the campaign is that of an open-world FPS game with multiple missions in which, in addition to the main mission, you have to achieve different objectives from freeing soldiers, passing through outposts to killing elite enemies.

Every time you complete any of these side missions you will receive AI support in the form of marines, fast travel points, aesthetic modifications for multiplayer, new vehicles and more weaponry.

But what stands out the most is the search for Spartan modules to improve skills and, above all, the new movement tool: the hook. With it you will be able to move faster and generate opportunities that will give you more advantage in combat.

The multiplayer with all the essence of Halo

Here we have to talk about how to play Halo Infinite for free. And is that the campaign mode will be blocked unless you go through box, the same as the battle pass.

As we mentioned, advancing in the main adventure as well as completing the missions of the battle pass will give you chromatic aspects with which to dress your character’s armor in multiplayer mode, which is free as far as functions are concerned.

Following along the previous line, you will have a section where you can customize the color and type of your character’s armor as well as vehicles, weapons and the player’s nametag.

This will not interfere in the game experience if the weapons have better or worse characteristics, so you can use whatever you want to make your experience as personal as possible.

As for the game modes, you have several to choose from: the quick match where you are matched in any game mode even if the game is started, a mode to play against the machine and train, a team war mode to take down your enemies and earn points to win and a ranked mode that will place you in a different league depending on your performance.

The game modes are very dynamic and you will have options of team warfare, capture the flag, position domination, defense of a flag by rounds and capture the skull.

All players will start with a supply of the classic assault rifle, the henchman pistol and two grenades. But this can change as, depending on the game mode and maps, you can ride in vehicles and take weapons from the lockers when available, as well as use the upgrades taken from the campaign mode, such as the grappling hook, thrusters or shields.

Of course, they all have a health bar protected by a shield, which both recover if the player does not receive damage for a few seconds.

You will have to be skillful and have good aim so that the enemies do not kill you, so the best option is to go in groups of at least two to lower the shields as soon as possible and shoot down the enemies.

We also recommend you to use explosive material to reduce the defenses and do not be afraid of melee as it is the most effective way to annihilate the aggressor.

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