How to call and answer calls with my Amazon Echo | User Guide

Learn how to call and answer calls with my Amazon Echo. Amazon Echo has become a useful tool for many things, it is not only an option to listen to music, if you know how to use it you can take full advantage of the application. Such is the case of making calls and answering without having to touch your cell phone to do so, we explain below everything you need to know about it. 

What should you consider before making calls using Amazon Echo Dot?

One of the main things to know when making or receiving a call from your Amazon Echo Dot is that your mobile device must be an iPhone with iOS 9.0 or higher or an Android phone with Android 5.0 or higher.

In addition to this you must be registered in the application and have your phone linked so that Alexa can identify your contacts and there are no problems when asking her to make a call to a specific number. 

What are the requirements to be able to make a call through Amazon Echo Dot?

After having Amazon Echo Dot and you have been using it for other things, the requirements to make a call are not many, among the main ones is that you have to have the Alexa app on your mobile and the second thing is to link the Echo Dot to your contacts. With these 2 simple features you will be able to call and receive the calls you want from the comfort of home without touching your mobile.

The Alexa app on your mobile

You can get the Alexa app in the Play Store for Android devices and in the App Store for iPhone devices, always make sure you have the latest update to avoid problems. Once you have it downloaded and updated, the next step is to allow it to link to your phone.

Pairing the Echo Dot to your contacts

Linking the Echo Dot to your contacts is an option that is usually done at the beginning of setting up the Alexa on your phone. Once you connect your phone to Alexa it will ask you who you are.

From your mobile device you must specify if you are a person and put your first and last name in the application, after this Alexa will ask you for access to your contacts and it is at this point that you must allow it, otherwise you will have to return to the configuration to link them. 

Remember that Alexa only has knowledge of the contacts that appear on your phone, if you realize that it does not recognize a name or number after linking it is possible that you have lost this contact and do not recognize it. In that case you should try to recover your contacts, once recovered you will be able to call them without problems.

How to make a call from your Amazon Alexa device?

You have 2 simple ways to make a call from your Amazon Alexa device, the easiest one is through a command, in response to this command Alexa will locate the contact and call it automatically. 

  • Ask Alexa through a simple command to call someone, for example: ‘Alexa call Mom’. Alexa will receive the command and dial the contact. 
  • To do it manually you have to enter the application and locate the ‘Communicate’ menu then press the ‘Call’ option.
  • Subsequently you must select the contact you want to call, If the person also has an Echo Dot you will see the option to receive the call from that device, if you do not have it then you will receive the call as normal. 

How to answer a call you are receiving from the Amazon Echo Dot?

When you receive a call from the Amazon Echo Dot you have two options to answer, the first is from the application, which will already be open on your phone because you are receiving the call, you just have to press the answer button.

Another way to do it is through a simple command that you tell Alexa, for example: ‘Alexa answer the call’, in front of this Alexa will answer what you have asked. 

After making the call, you can simply press the hang up button from the Alexa app on your phone or, more practically, ask Alexa by a command to hang up the call. For example: ‘Alexa hang up the call’. Amazon Echo Dot is a very secure application so you don’t have to be afraid that someone is listening to your calls. 

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