How to make Instagram Reels with videos already recorded on my mobile?

Learn how to make Instagram reels with videos. In the Reels function of the Instagram application you can upload videos that you have created in it at the moment. In the same way it offers each and every one of its users the options to create Reels videos from videos already recorded from the camera of a mobile device, if you still do not know how to do this do not worry here we will tell you how to do it so you can make the most of the Reels function.

How long do Instagram Reels videos last?

When the Reels function was new the videos that were made in it could only have a maximum duration of 15 seconds, this time limit was increasing with the passage of time, currently these Reels can last 15, 30 and 60 seconds. This time increase is due to the fact that Instagram wants all its users to feel comfortable with the functions it has.

What steps should I follow to start creating an Instagram Reel?

Instagram Reels can be created in two ways, below we will show you the procedure, these are valid for devices with Android and iOS operating systems:

How to upload videos from my gallery?

In the social network Instagram you can create Reels from several previously created videos that you have stored on your mobile device, the steps to achieve this are as follows:

  • Open the Instagram application on your mobile device.
  • Inside the application at the top you will find a plus icon, press with your finger on it.
  • Then the page will open in which you can upload content, at the bottom of that page you will find a menu, in it look for the Reels option, when you get it press on it.
  • In the new page you will find the icon that allows you to make the Reels, in the same way there is also the icon that sends to the gallery of the device, this is located at the bottom left of the screen, press on it.
  • After that you will be sent to the gallery of your device, select a video first, then select the More icon to add another, do this until you have selected the videos you want for your Reels, remember that these Reels can only last 60 seconds.
  • The selected video or videos will be sent to the Instagram editing panel, if there are several videos for the Reels you must upload them in an orderly fashion, edit them with the options that the editing panel has, either with video effects, formatted text or stickers, you can do this normally as if you had created the video at that moment.
  • When you finish editing your video click on the Done option, in the new page you can decide what to do with the video.

Procedure to upload my Instagram Reels to my profile

Uploading a Reel to your Instagram social network profile is very simple, the steps to achieve this will be shown below:

  • Login to the Instagram application from your mobile device.
  • Once inside the application, look for the plus icon and press on it.
  • In the new window you will see the option to enter the Reels function, locate it and then select it.
  • You will be shown the screen in which you will be able to select the music for the video, time and effects, make the configurations to your liking.
  • Click on the middle icon to start recording the Reels.
  • When you finish the video the editing panel will open again where you can apply effects, stickers, from it you can also add an eye-catching cover, when you finish press on the Done option.
  • Finally, in the new window that will open you will find the Publish option, click on it.  This Reels will be seen in your profile as another publication.

Editing tools I can use to create Instagram Reels with pre-recorded videos

Below you will be shown an editing tool for each operating system that allows you to create Instagram Reel-like videos with videos stored on your mobile device:

InShot on Android phone

InShot is one of the best applications for editing videos, this is available in the Play Store for all its users for free.

Downloading the aforementioned tool is very simple as well as using it to create Reels similar to those of Instagram, since this has in its editing panel different templates for short videos in addition to different effects, stickers that you can use to your liking.

iMovie for iOS devices

For devices with iOS operating system (iPad, iPhone) the tool that has the options to create Reels videos from videos from the gallery is iMovie, also available for free for each and every user of the AppStore.

iMovie is very simple to use you have all its tools in an editing panel, among the tools you have to add to videos is, music, effects, Stickers and texts, to apply them you just have to press on them and then you must configure them to your liking.

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