How to create credentials in Word to capture personal or company information

Find out how to create credentials in Word. Badges or also known as credentials are very useful resources to reflect personal information, they work as instruments to identify people, such as names and job positions of a specific company or any other document.

Some examples of credentials are academic degrees or diplomas, identity data, badges, among others. Microsoft Word represents a great tool to create such badges, here you will learn how to create one from this program.

How to insert the shape of your badge to start customizing it?

The first step when creating a badge is to define the shape you want it to have, such as rectangular or rectangular with rounded edges.  Before inserting the shape you will need to go to Microsoft Word and create a new blank document.

Once in the new document you will have to go to the toolbar on the upper side of the document in the ‘Insert’ section, from here you will be able to decide and choose the shape that your credential will have. By clicking on a shape you will be able to draw it automatically on the blank sheet.

From ‘Shapes

Microsoft Word’s ‘Shapes’ tool, as its name suggests, allows users to insert a large number of shapes and figures in the documents created, such as lines, arrows with different aspects, equation shapes, flow charts, stars and ribbons, among other figures.

Among these shapes are the rectangular shapes used for credentials, with these simple steps you will see how to do it from scratch:

  • On your desktop or laptop go to the Microsoft Word program and create a new blank document.
  • Then, to insert the form of your credential, click on the ‘Insert’ block located in the tools menu at the top of the screen.
  • You will see that in this section you will find several functions and resources to use in the document, click on the option that indicates ‘Shapes’ represented by several geometric figures.
  • This option is classified by several sections depending on the shape, go to the ‘Rectangles’ section and select the rectangle you prefer.
  • You will automatically be able to draw and insert the shape of the badge on the sheet with the mouse cursor, determining the size of the badge in the process.
  • Adjust the size of the ‘Badge or credential’.
  • In case that when inserting the badge on the blank sheet of the document the size of the badge is not ideal or you need a certain dimensions and measures it is possible to modify the size to your liking.

To do this you must right click on the shape of the badge, you will see that a box with different alternatives will be displayed, click on the option with the words ‘More design options’ and then go to the ‘Size’ tab.

From there you will be able to configure the dimensions of the badge as you wish, determining the width and height, generally badges are 11 cm high and 7 cm wide. When you have finished configuring the dimensions, click on ‘Accept’.

What to do to remove the background from your badge shape?

Once you have inserted the credential shape you will see that it has a blue background, if you prefer you can remove the background to make it completely white, proceed with the following instructions to do so:

  • In the toolbar on the upper side of the screen go to the ‘Format’ section, you will notice that this option will be displayed when you hover over the credential.
  • Next, click on the option called ‘Shape Fill’ represented by the icon of a bucket spilling paint.
  • A small panel with different options will be displayed where you should click on ‘No fill’.
  • Another way to remove the colored background is to go back to ‘Format’ and in the ‘Shape Styles’ section select the option that contains no background.

How to embellish your Word badge using PNG lines?

There are several accessories to add to the badge or credential and make it look more attractive and eye-catching, among these accessories you can distinguish the PNG lines, their main purpose is to decorate the badge on its sides.

The great advantage is that you can easily find a PNG line on the internet to insert it in the badge, there are many styles and colors to choose from and make combinations in the badge.

To add these lines go to the ‘Insert’ block in the top menu and tap on the Online Images option, this will automatically take you to the internet to place an image with PNG lines.

Insert logo in the badge

When working in a company it is very common for people to have the company logo on their badges. This also happens with many institutions, to place a logo on the credential perform these steps:

  • Remember to have the logo to insert saved in your computer, once you have this, click on the ‘Insert’ block.
  • Then select the ‘Image’ option, this will automatically direct you to the files saved on the device.
  • Click on the logo that you will use and click on the ‘Insert’ option, the image will appear on the sheet, with the help of the mouse place it on the credential and adapt it to the size of the logo.
  • Insert company name
  • To insert the name of the company or any institution you must go to the ‘Insert’ tab and click on the option called Text box, among all the alternatives of text boxes choose ‘Simple text box’ and position the text box on the badge, tap once on the text box to write the name of the company.
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