How to Change the Default Download Folder in Edge in a Simple Way?

Find out how to change the default download folder in Edge. For users of Windows computers to see the arrival of a new browser in its new updates from Windows 10, has made internet Explorer close or uninstall it ceasing to receive support for its platform, giving way to a new browser called Microsoft Edge on their computers has been the sensation.

However, this brought with it a series of modifications both visually and in improving your navigation and settings in your folders. In this way it gives us the privilege of being able to change the destination of the folder where the downloads we make are directed.

Keep reading to learn how to change the default download folder in Microsoft’s browser in a simple way.

How to change the default destination folder in Microsoft Edge?

The download folder that computers have gives us the privilege of having it saved and being able to access it whenever we want. In this folder we will be saving all the documents that we download, whether images, programs, files or Word documents, these will be stored in this folder.

This way we can see the importance of a predetermined folder where all the files that we download will be stored and have everything in a single folder in order.  If we want, we can also indicate with colors the folder, to maintain an order in the downloads.

But if what you want is to know how to change where the downloads are directed in your Edge browser, here we will show you a simple and very fast way without programs.

If you have the new version of Microsoft Edge

For those who have the new versions of the Edge browser and want to change the destination of the download folder, you must go to the browser settings and then go to downloads, here you will see multiple options and choose the Location, then Change.

In the Change option, when we select it, it will open a tab where you will choose a new folder where the downloads that you make will be saved. In addition, here we will also see the option to ask each time you download where the file will go.    

For the legacy version of Edge

For those who do not know, this so-called legacy version of Edge are previous versions based on the HTML code that until now Microsoft stopped supporting it in order to keep its users in more updated versions of the browser.

These new versions are based on the open source Chromium browser. If you want to know more, you can download Chromium on your PC.

For these versions, despite being discontinued and not supported by Microsoft, you also have the option to change the default download folder for the browser to save your files in the same way we explained above, by going into its settings.

How to change the download folder in this browser with the Run option?

To make the change of folder by means of the execute. You will have to open the Registry Editor by pressing Windows+ R and placing in Run the word ‘regedit’ to open the interface of the registry editor. After this, follow the steps that we will show you:

  • Look for the folder ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER’ inside this folder there will be a series of subfolders, such as Software, Then Microsoft until you find the so-called Shell Folders folder where you will select it.
  • In the options that will appear on the right, you will look for the record that says ‘% USERPROFILE% Downloads’ when opening it will show you the address of the default folder of the browser.
  • You will open this registry to change in value data the word ‘Download’ by the name of the folder where the downloads will be saved. For example, if you put % USER PROFILE% Desktop, the downloads are on the desktop.

How to configure this browser to ask where to save a file before downloading it?

Microsoft Edge browser not only allows you to change the download folder settings, it also has an option that we can use in case we want that every time we download something it asked us where we want these files to be saved before being saved and downloaded.

 This option to ask each time that we download, where these files go. We can find it entering in the browser settings, entering in the downloads option and then in the Location Section, under the option to change the default folder, there will be the option to ask in which folder the downloads are saved. We will be clicking to select this option. 

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