Why On Facebook I Don’t See Marketplace – Solution

If you want to buy or sell on your favorite social network but you are wondering why Facebook does not show marketplace, we show you the possible solutions.

Marketplace was presented a few years ago as an idea similar to Wallapop, which would allow you to buy and sell products on the most popular social network. But there are times when we can encounter problems to access it. And in that case you may be wondering why I don’t see marketplace on Facebook.

Normally, you will find the marketplace icon at the top of the mobile app, next to the icons to reach your profile or groups.

When we can’t see it, it is usually a problem with the application update. If we have a very old version, it is likely that we cannot see this icon. But if that is the problem, the solution is quite simple. All we have to do is go to the Google Play Store and download the latest version of the application. In the event that it still does not appear, it is also advisable to delete the cache of the tool, so that the application starts from scratch and can work as usual. And if the problem remains unresolved, we can always resort to uninstalling the application and reinstalling it

If there is no way to access through the application, you also have the possibility of accessing the marketplace through this link.

How To Activate Marketplace On Facebook In A New Account

To avoid possible fraud, Facebook does not allow us to enter the marketplace when we have just created a new account. It is possible, therefore, that if you have just joined the social network you are wondering how to activate marketplace on Facebook in a new account. But the reality is that, taking into account the terms and conditions of use of this Facebook tool, this possibility does not exist.

In fact, this may be one of the reasons why you do not see the button to enter the marketplace when you access the Facebook application. If your account is too new, you will not have permission to enter. What should I do then? Well, just give a little use to your Facebook profile. Follow some pages, post some content, interact with other users. When the algorithms of the social network have detected that you are a real user and not a bot that creates accounts with the simple purpose of selling, you will be able to access the marketplace without problems. There is no minimum usage that you must give, only that it is noticed that you are a real person.

If after using Facebook for some time you still can not enter, it may be one of the problems we have explained in the previous section.

How To Enter Marketplace On Facebook

If your question is simply how to enter the marketplace on Facebook, the process is quite simple. When you open the application of the social network, you will see several icons at the top. One of them has the shape of a store with a small awning. This is the icon that represents the Facebook marketplace. You just have to click on it and you will be able to enter the buying and selling platform. Inside you can search for what you need using the search engine or browse through the different menus. You can also upload your products to try to find a buyer among the people who use this tool.

In the marketplaces you can buy and sell all kinds of products. You will be able to find from cars to second hand furniture and clothes, as well as ads for renting and buying a house. You can filter by distance to find products that are close to you. In general, it is a bulletin board where you can find everything you need in the purest style of other websites like Wallapop.

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