Recover a blocked Facebook account in 2024

Find out how to recover a blocked Facebook account. Facebook is the social network with the largest number of accounts created, in fact, we could say that it is the most massive in terms of number of people who have an active profile, whether they are children, teenagers, adults, seniors, etc. Has it happened to you that your account was blocked without notice and you have not been able to recover it, here we will explain how you can do it and why it has happened.

Your Facebook account has been temporarily blocked.

When a Facebook account is blocked it is because it has violated one or more of the security and privacy rules that we accept when we create an account, these are certain rules that must be met, or else the account is blocked, restricting the use temporarily or permanently.

If an account is blocked out of the blue, that is to say, without prior notice, it is because it has clearly violated one of the rules, often consisting of comments that include bad words, insults, rudeness, etc. But there is also the possibility that the account is blocked for having uploaded inappropriate content, such as inciting violence in any form.

My Facebook 2022 account was blocked

You should know that if your account was blocked, there are two possibilities:

  • Account temporarily blocked
  • Account blocked permanently

Only in the first case is it possible to recover the account, that is, only if it has been blocked or disabled temporarily, because on the contrary, if the block is permanent there will be no possibility of recovering it, but it will be permanently disabled without the possibility of accessing it again.

Recover my Facebook profile that was blocked 2022

If you want to recover your account, you will have to do the following:

“Wait” may sound not very encouraging, but the truth is that the only thing we can do when this happens, since the temporary closures are for a couple of days, this will depend on how serious the offense was, which could extend up to 15 days of account blocking. If you wait for the determined time to elapse, your account will be re-enabled and you will be able to use it as if nothing had happened.

In case you are in a hurry to recover your account, the other option you have is to send an email to Facebook support , explaining your situation and perhaps they could evaluate the future enabling of your account before the predetermined time.