How To Know Who Is Looking For You On Facebook?

If there is something that arouses a lot of curiosity, it is How To Know Who Is Looking For You On Facebook, this is probably the most common question asked by curious users of the social network. There is a variety of tools that supposedly allow you to see the latest visitors to your Facebook profile.

You should be very careful when you come across such offers. Most of the time, behind them, hide scammers or fun programs.  However, there are some links floating around social networks that promise you that profile viewer.

It may be that if you click on it, you will be redirected to a new page. There you have to share the page and you will be redirected again. During the numerous redirects and confirmations, then somehow you agree that the scammer receives his so-called “access token”.

This gives him the authority to post on Facebook on your behalf. So you have to be very careful with this kind of link. but how to know who is looking for you on Facebook?

How To Know Who Is Looking For You On Facebook Without Being Friends?

On the Internet, many Facebook users come across a method that supposedly allows them to find out the last visitors of the Facebook profile with the source code of the page. However, there is no profile viewer behind this method. It simply lets you know who you last chatted with.

Therefore, in most cases, it is not surprising that you run into your Facebook friends. The way these method works is as follows:

  • Log in to Facebook and open your profile. Afterward, right-click on the white border of the page and select “Show page feed”. You can also press [Ctrl] + [U].
  • Then open the search box with [Ctrl] + [F] and enter “InitialChatFriendsList”. Confirm with Enter.
  • Copy any sequence of digits up to the hyphen. Open a new tab, type “” without the quotation marks. Paste the numbers directly after the slash and press [Enter].
  • Your friend’s profile will now open. However, this is not the last person who has viewed your profile, but a person who has sent you a message. You can already recognize him/her by the search entry “InitialChatFriendsList”.

A Tip, by the way, all this only works if you are online. You cannot use this function to find out who your friends or strangers are in contact with. For that, these people would have to be online.

If you are very interested, How To Know Who Is Looking For You On Facebook? If you are very interested, you can search in the recommendations made by this social network since it is based on a series of algorithms of frequency of visit, in this case, it suggests those who have visited your profile frequently.  Hence the suggestion of friendship and common friends.

How to know who searches for you on Facebook from your cell phone?

Take a look at what your old classmate is doing or spy on how your neighbor presents himself on the social network, who hasn’t done it? And, of course, you also want to know who is looking at your Facebook profile. But how do you know who is looking for you on Facebook from your cell phone?

The social network Facebook advertises that it is a great way to keep in touch with friends and share photos with them, the advantage of all this is that you can do it from your cell phone and at the same time you can through this meet strangers, without the need to be at home on a computer.

In this sense, you can from the search function, quickly find the person in question and then have a good insight into the private life of the person you need to know about and simply from your mobile. Of course, depending on the privacy settings. But haven’t you thought that there may also be others out there doing the same thing with your own profile.

The tools for viewing profile visitors are not worth much and even more so if they are for cell phones. Whatever program you choose, you will not get a pleasant result that corresponds to the truth.

In many cases, the advertised programs are spam tools that on cell phones are more frequent and difficult to evade. Therefore, you have no choice but to edit your privacy settings from your mobile. In this way, you can control what is shown on your public profile and you will be able to know who is looking for you on Facebook from your cell phone.

Can I know who has visited my Facebook profile?

Facebook has become an integral part of many people’s lives. And no wonder, because the social network has a number of sophisticated features that greatly simplify exchanging with others, networking, and even marketing for businesses. Writing a quick message, organizing a birthday, announcing an engagement, or placing an ad is easily done with a few clicks.

But Facebook also has a whole host of features, some of which are hard to find. It is surprising how many Facebook users, even the most active, are unaware of these features but can I find out who has visited my Facebook profile?

In the case of history posts, Facebook allows you to see who has viewed them. Although you can take the option, to clear the search history. Since Facebook offers the option to delete all search history or individual past searches from the list.

Both on the desktop and in the app, you can find the function directly in the search (“Recent Searches – Edit”). This may save some embarrassment depending on your usage patterns.

What if you use a tool to show profile visitors?

One of the tools offered by this network is the exclusion function, which is useful for: all Facebook users, in it you can control your posts, which may be visible to some and not to others.

Whether you want to publish to a group of friends or only to certain lists, many things are possible. But it is also possible to post to all your friends and then exclude some of them. I’m sure you can think of enough examples.

When you post, just click on the privacy link under your name. There you can select “Friends except…” and then exclude people who cannot see your post.

You should be careful with your Facebook settings, it may happen that you have activated the message requests (and filtered requests).

This function means that Facebook does not necessarily show you all the messages sent to you from your inbox. Especially from people, you are not friends with, you are unlikely to receive direct messages.

That’s because Facebook selects them and moves them to the second inbox (“Message requests”). You will find it in your inbox next to the “Messages” section (even in the preview).

Message requests, here you can also see directly if there are messages and how many there are. Many people are first shocked because there are messages from years ago from acquaintances, which they had never seen….

Cell Phone Apps for How to Know Who is Searching for You on Facebook From Your Cell Phone?

There are a group of Apps that you can install on your mobile for How To Know Who Is Looking For You On Facebook? Here are some of them.

My Top Fans.

This is one of the oldest Apps, through it you can find out who is looking for your profile.  The way to use this App is as follows:

  • Go to the home page on Facebook, there you will find the application, it appears as if it were a test,
  • Proceed to download it and accept the permissions as they are essential at the time of performing the search.

My top fans is a fairly easy app, it works by studying the search frequency codes on the platform. In this way, it manages to establish which are the people who track your profile in a constant and permanent way.

Social Profile View Notification.

To use this App you must, Search for the Social Profile View Notification extension in the Chrome Web Store and install the plugin. Next, log in to your Facebook profile account and you will see a new menu on your Facebook page called “Visitors”. When you click it, a pop-up window will appear with a list of your Facebook visitors, along with the date of their visit.

So, every time someone views your profile, you will see a notification that will reveal their name and the time of the visit, provided they are also a user of the extension.

It sounds too easy to be true since you need only the Chrome browser to be able to install the plugins, but that’s what this extension claims. It’s nothing to try with Facebook because it can’t, as Facebook takes care of the privacy and important data of its users.

Think if you are really going to see who has visited your Facebook profile? Even Facebook does not show this information because it considers it as confidential data because it is vital, it is third-party applications that claim they will show your Facebook visitors.

One of the easiest is the Google Chrome extension called Social Profile view notification. Although its 100% accuracy is not proven, it is up to you to make the decision to use it or not and believe in the information it provides.

How to Know Who’s Looking for You on Facebook without Apps?

If you are one of those who don’t want to reveal to everyone what you do, there is a way to create profile invisibility for Facebook and Google search.

To prevent your profile from appearing in a Google search, you can disable this option under “Privacy” in the “Applications and Websites” section. If you do not want to be found by other Facebook users, you should uncheck your visibility in general searches under “Privacy” in the “Search” section.

This helps you to disclose information only to your friends, there you can periodically check the information you provide in your profile and reflect on whether it is really necessary. In this context, also pay attention to which list of friends can see which details.

On the other hand, each Facebook user has an individual user ID. Although knowing this ID does not allow you to access private information, some of the information is categorized by Facebook as “publicly available”. Thus, name, profile picture, and connections are generally available data that can be accessed by anyone on the Internet.

Based on the user ID, it is still possible to find out the associated name, so each member must assume that his or her name, contacts, and profile picture are freely accessible.

Importantly, it should be noted that you will not always be able to access information from How to Know Who’s Looking for You on Facebook without Applications. Since this company has certain privacy restrictions, which protect in one way or another the use of this social network.

How to Know Who’s Looking for You on Facebook with Applications?

Facebook is one of the most famous and used social networks worldwide, in one way or another the majority of the population is registered in it. This has generated a mechanism to be able to access its greatest tricks and challenges.

I think the biggest stigma is to know who tracks you on Facebook, who looks at your stories or photo, for this a number of Apps have been created to quench this thirst to know who investigates us.

Some are totally true, others simply fraud, (be very careful with the one you choose) for example regarding friend requests on Facebook whenever you click on this, be careful who you confirm as a friend.

Because a potential friend is not always interested in your person. Rather, he or she might want your data. So decide consciously who you accept as a friend and which data should be visible to the contact.

If you want to prevent that everyone can click on your friendships, define the accessibility of your contacts in the “General information” under “Privacy”. This information can be useful because many people use it to protect their own and their contact’s data so that they cannot and you cannot snoop on someone else’s profile without their permission.

One way to prevent others from looking at your profile, and even from accessing your contacts’ profile is by using the keep contact information private function.

Personal contact information can be kept private, for example, if you do not want your private cell phone number to be accessible to your business contacts. This can be changed under “Privacy” in “Custom settings”.

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