How To Download Aliexpress Free And In English For Pc

Have you seen any website that teaches you how to download AliExpress free and in Spanish for PC? Be wary of any kind of download they offer you.

There are many occasions when online commerce applications are easier to use on computer, which leads several users to want to know how to download AliExpress gratis y en español para PC. Although AliExpress has an application for Android and iOS devices, it is worth being very careful, since to use the platform through our computer we will not have to download anything on our desktop, but use its website.

Thus, if you find on the network web pages or articles that tell you step by step how to download any AliExpress application on your computer, be wary to the maximum. In the worst case, these websites try to steal your data or infect your computer with viruses, so you should not download anything under any circumstances if you want to buy on this Chinese Internet sales platform.

For added security, if you come across some of these sites, you can always check to what extent they are dangerous and a threat to your cybersecurity by typing their URL in the Scam Detector page, where you will find a web address validator that will check if the site is trustworthy or not. Some of these websites will be harmless, but others may cause you more than one headache, so you know: maximum caution.

To shop on AliExpress from your computer, all you have to do is open your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and access the page, which will automatically redirect you to its page with offers. However, in addition to entering the web we will have to register with our account or we will not be able to buy any item from the platform. To do this, click on ‘My Account’ at the top right and click on ‘Register’ or ‘Login’, depending on whether you already have an AliExpress account or are a new user.

How To Check Aliexpress On Windows 10

AliExpress for PC is the same regardless of the operating system, so there is no difference between how to check AliExpress on Windows 10 and how to check AliExpress on Linux or Mac users. All of them will have to access the platform’s website to be able to make their purchases from the PC and in no case download any program offered on third-party pages.

AliExpress does not have any desktop application or official extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any other browser, so you should not use them no matter how similar their design seems to the original website.

Windows 10 users accessing the AliExpress website will be able to perform exactly the same steps that are available on the AliExpress app. No one is unaware that the design of the platform is very chaotic at first, a problem that we suffer both in the app and on its page, so sometimes it is more advisable to access from the web so that all the resources are not so crowded.

To perform after-sales procedures or try to contact the seller, the AliExpress website is slightly more intuitive -or at least slightly less cumbersome to use-, so our advice is to always access through our favorite browser to perform these procedures. Similarly, if you are interested in registering as a seller on AliExpress, the process is likely to be much more comfortable from the website than from the Android or iOS app.

Similarly, if what we want is simply to enter to check what offers there are on AliExpress, the website is a very valid option, since we can make an infinite scroll down and we will continue to see all kinds of products for sale that we can add to our cart. We run the risk of spending hours engrossed in the rain of items that will appear before our eyes, but at least our eyesight will not suffer as much as when using the application for these same purposes.

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