How to make money recording audios beyond creating a Podcast? 

Nowadays, and thanks to technology, there are many options to make money no matter where you are such as Podcast, either from your room, office or a friend’s house, with the necessary tools you can produce a lot.

Now, recording audios has become a very used element, since this method brings with it several alternatives that you can develop depending on your skills and talent, and also generate alternative income.

In the following article, you will learn everything related to this topic: how much money you can earn by recording audios, what kind of skills you must have to generate money through your voice, and you will also learn how to make money recording audios online and you will see the different platforms available to implement this activity without the need to make a podcast.

How much money can you make recording audios?

This is a question that especially new users often ask, which is why everything depends on the amount of time you invest in this activity, it is also a factor to consider what you plan to record, just notes, narration, commercials, as well as the dynamics and the volume of work you may have.

In this sense, by making a recording of only 30 minutes you can generate approximately 150 dollars, while between 1 and two continuous hours of audio, earnings will be between 200 and 700 dollars, having a monthly cap close to 3 thousand euros, all these amounts are an average standard, because if you invest a lot of time and show good content the income can be even higher.

What skills do I need to have to earn money with my voice?

The preparation is a very important element for any area in which you want to develop, in the case of working with your voice, you must take into account that you must develop the talent so you can succeed in what you are going to do. For this reason, there are a series of skills that will allow you to have important resources and earn good money thanks to it.

The skills that you must have to earn money with your voice are:

Good diction.

It is the art of speaking correctly and expressing ideas clearly, so that the listener can understand what you are saying, a good diction is also based on the coherence of ideas and order in everything you want to tell at a given time. Using this tool correctly will lead you not only to get many jobs of this type, but also the users and followers of the topic in question will thank you, since in many cases your stories will serve as a guide for them.

Modulation and vocal expressiveness

It is about the right tonality that you can give to your voice according to the topic you plan to relate, it is to know how to convey the message by inserting feelings to the text, so that the audio comes alive, and the listener gets a clear idea of everything that is happening. Techniques such as volume, pause, rhythm, tone improvement, and resonance are vital for your vocal modulation and expressiveness to be the most appropriate when recording audio.

Create your own style

Be original, try to include features of your personality to the work you are going to do, this will make you stand out from the rest, making many people prefer you for the style you have. In this way, aspects such as the approach you can give to the reading and the tonality you use, are essential to create a unique brand to your recordings.

Learn how to make money recording audios on the Internet

There are many options that exist to generate good income recording audios, all of them have a specific audience, also the topics to be addressed are an important part of this work, because depending on this, you can use a particular type of voice and a simple diction or with many technicalities.

On the other hand, you must take into account the type of platform you will use to promote your work, since each of them has different characteristics, in which you will have to adapt to do a good job.

These are the ways to make money recording audios on the Internet:

With a YouTube channel

The boom of social networks has come to stay, for this reason, YouTube has become the right tool so that through a channel, you can record your voice with various types of content and upload it to the network so that many people can listen to it and thus begin to monetize.

This platform, through tutorials, stories, courses, and narrations, makes the voice become your main source of income, applying the techniques established for it and having the right equipment so that the recording has the best possible quality.

With covers

There are many platforms that allow you to upload cover songs of artists or your own songs, and in this way make yourself known, generating income for each download made to these tracks, so it is very important to make a quality recording, which meets all the established standards. This makes it essential that the tone of voice is in tune and that your content has the necessary originality, so you can attract more people to listen to your work.

Narrating audiobooks

Audiobooks have a wide and diverse audience, and is that not only people who like to listen to some narration are loyal users to this option, also people with visual disabilities seek this resource. Well, to generate money through this narration, you can write your own book and narrate it, or offer your services to narrate the stories of other writers.

To do this you have several platforms from which to upload your files in any audio format, and make them available to all listeners. Among the most popular topics for audiobooks are cooking tutorials, computer courses, novels, children’s stories and language classes.

Dubbing animations

Translating a series into our language, or giving voice to cartoons, is a practice that has become very common these days, besides being well paid, lending your voice to television characters can give you a lot of prestige and open important paths in this work.

The way you earn money for this option is very simple, the client sends the script that you must relate, and using a microphone or cell phone you proceed to make the recording, and send it by any of the platforms available for this purpose.

As a speaker

Many programs via web need a voice to announce sections or musical curtains, for this reason, having a good vocal tonality is very important because you can be the right one for it, just send mockups to the different platforms, with samples of everything you can do, and you will have a very quoted job. It is important to emphasize that for this activity you must take into consideration the modulation of your voice, since different tones may be required to develop each specific section.

Reciting poems

It is one of the most attractive ways to produce money through audios, and is that reciting poems can be the beginning of a nice relationship, apologize, or simply a detail for birthdays or any reason for celebration. Through these audios you expose your artistic talents, using techniques that are very important for the quality of the content. To monetize through this option, publish your recitals in the different pages dedicated to it, and in this way you will start earning money with each story.

Video games

The world of gaming has been growing exponentially in the last 10 years, which is why there are more than 10 thousand games that can be launched annually, for this reason, voices are needed that can interpret these characters of virtual reality, giving life to a world that closely resembles reality. In this sense, you can be contacted by the companies in charge of the development of video games and lend your voice to one or more characters, until you become very sought after in this area.

Commercials or advertisements

Internet advertising is part of the daily life of all people who use cyberspace as a fundamental means for their daily tasks, which is why most brands and companies need qualified voices to make their ads. Therefore, lending your voice for this purpose turns out to be very profitable, and this activity consists from the creation of jingles, to showing people all the benefits that the company’s product can bring.

Best platforms to earn money recording audios without making a podcast

On the web, you can find several pages and platforms from which you can publicize your work recording audios, through the various options that exist, all these sites are very reliable, and enjoy good reputation and excellent feedback from all users. In each place you can earn money whose amount will be established by the workload you get and the quality of the recordings.

The best platforms to earn money recording audios without podcasting are:

It is a company that offers voiceover and narration jobs, with many projects available for all users, currently one of the pioneering platforms in this genre, guaranteeing quality jobs and excellent payments. You only have to register with your data and create a profile, so you can start the search with the offer that best suits you.


The platform offers jobs for voice talents, dubbing actors and voices for advertising, working directly with the most prestigious companies, to be part of their team you need to pass several tests, then get a profile and be available for the many activities that are requested here. VoiceBunny gives you the opportunity to set your own rates, and payments usually have a minimum of 30 per project, for more information visit their website

This is an application that works directly with PayPal, it works by interacting with other people by sending audios, in which you can start a conversation, practice a language, and generate discussions on certain topics. You only have to download the application and register with all your data, then the system will generate a link that you must share and from that moment you start to gain followers, for each audio you generate income that you can then pass on to your PayPal account.

It is a page that offers jobs for speakers and narrators, with direct link to prestigious companies dedicated to voice-over, registration is completely free, and you must attach a portfolio with samples of your work so that customers and interested parties can know in depth what you do and get good projects. This platform allows you to get excellent remuneration for everything you do, in addition to publicizing everything you do.

It is a platform that is responsible for offering jobs to artists, as well as speakers and narrators, making available jobs of different types through online casting. Once registered, you can choose the project that best suits you, and insert your rate together with the respective offer.

In this portal you will not only find voice recording jobs, this portal offers quality jobs with the different options that this area offers, it also has a large database with many companies willing to hire your services. Hablaula offers excellent pay with flexible schedules at all times.

It is a platform that offers jobs to all those people who are dedicated to artistic and cartoon dubbing, it has 2.5 million people registered worldwide, which makes Mandy Voices one of the most requested pages. All you have to do is register with all your data and include a portfolio with all your work.

It is one of the most followed websites by the FreeLancer world, in this portal you can find jobs to record audios in its different modalities, announcer, storyteller and creator of advertising.

In Upwork you will find the best jobs for voice over, content narration and advertising, currently has more than 1 million users, plus each job is paid with excellent fees. It is very easy to use, register and you will find the jobs that fit your profile.

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