How to use the IR extender cable on a Samsung TV? – Setup guide

Find out how to use the IR extender cable on a Samsung TV. Its full name is Samsung IR extender cable, but people usually call it IR extender. So, this one allows you to bridge the gap between your Smart Touch Remote and also your cable set-top box or between other AV devices.

Also, what makes the IR Extender cable so special is that it allows you to inspect your cable box with the Smart Touch Remote before syncing it, instead of using the remote cable.

What are the benefits of using the IR Extender for displays?

Compatibility with most devices

However, the great benefit of using the Smart Touch Control is that you have the opportunity to use it with various devices, including your set-top box, Blu-ray CD players and burning software, and many more devices.

Good quality

Another advantage over the IR extender is that it is equipped with an IR sensor. This means that the IR signal will always reach the correct external device. On the other hand, the IR extender cable can work with devices that cannot be seen, e.g. devices that are possibly stored in your cabinet.

What are the disadvantages of using IR extensions on Samsung TVs?

Low range

The IR extender cable must literally be close to the remote control for it to work. All external devices must be connected to the Samsung TV at the same time.

You need complete freedom

In this case, there is another disadvantage, and that is that the IR Extender is not good at evading obstacles. That is, it must circumvent having to put an obstacle between the IR Extender’s sensor and its receiver.

What is the correct way to set up a TV to use the IR Extender?

There are 3 different parts of an IR extender cable: the IR emitter, the IR receiver and the USB power extension set that can also be plugged into a wall outlet with a DC5V adapter. You may notice that there is an adhesive tape on the IR emitter and IR receiver part, but this is for attaching them to other devices.

Physically configure the device

Tear off the adhesive tape from the IR emitter and place it on the IR sensor of your set-top box. Peel the tape off the IR receiver again and attach it to the line of sight of your remote control. As explained above, make sure that there are no obstacles between your remote control and the IR receiver.

Also, be aware that some TVs and set-top boxes have IR ports on the back, so some IR extenders have a connector instead of an adhesive strip. However, those with an adhesive tape tend to work better because you can put the emitter and receiver wherever you want.

Enter the settings of the device to be connected

As soon as you have done the physical setup, turn on your Samsung TV, it is similar to when you control your tv with alexa and press the Menu button on your remote control. This will start the Universal Remote Setup. Once in this window, navigate to the System choice and press the Enter button.

At this point, choose Device Manager and then press Enter again. Get the Universal Remote Setup entry here and press Enter to start.

Then, turn on the device you want to connect the remote to. Choose Start using the Smart Touch Remote and reaffirm by pressing Enter. Locate the transmitter on the device and press OK.

Then choose the type of device you want to connect to and confirm. In the case of getting your service provider, type its name in the corresponding box that says Find your service provider. In that situation, a list of available providers will appear on the screen. Choose the one you want and press Enter.

To connect the set-top box, you will need to select a TV port so that it can be connected. After pressing Enter to set up the set-top box, press the Channel Up/Down buttons on the Smart Touch Control to see if it works.

If your Samsung TV recognizes these commands, it means that you have successfully configured the IR extender cable and your Smart Touch Control. Therefore, in the menu Test control of the set-top box that comes up, choose Yes to confirm.

In accordance of everything seen above is that, the IR Extender cable approves you to use the Smart Touch Control remote control, which means it makes it easier to control your Samsung TV from the couch. This technology is affordable and is an amazing and brilliant resource for all the peripheral devices you can connect to a Samsung TV and make sure it is up to date

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