How To Stop Sharing Photos On Google Photos

If you had shared an album with someone but you are no longer interested in them seeing it, you need to learn how to stop sharing photos on Google Photos.

One of the most interesting features that Google Photos offers us is that we can share our photos with other users, or even have a shared album where we can all upload our images. But sometimes over time having shared photos with someone is no longer a good idea. In that case, you should learn how to stop sharing photos on Google Photos so that others can’t see them.

One of the ways in which we can share a photo with someone is directly send it to them via WhatsApp or any other tool. In that case, we are sorry to tell you that there is no turning back. If the photo has reached someone else’s hands, there is no way to make it available only to you again. Therefore, we recommend that you think twice before sending an image to another person.

But it is also possible that what you would have done is to pass on to the other person a link to the album where the picture is located. Or it is even possible that the album was shared, so that both you and the other person could upload photos to it.

In that case it is much easier, as there are numerous privacy options on the albums you have in Google Photos. You just have to remove all the sharing as you go below and the other person will no longer be able to easily access your pictures.

How To Stop Sharing An Album On Google Photos

If you need to learn how to stop sharing an album on Google Photos there are two things you can do. The first is to deactivate the link sharing option. To do this you must click on the icon with three dots, go to options and disable the Share via link option.

If what you want is that a specific person can not access, you can remove it from the album that you have shared. To do this you must follow these steps:

  • Enter the Google Photos app
  • Open the album you want to stop sharing with the other person.
  • Click on the three vertical dots you will find at the top of the app
  • Go to options
  • Scroll down to the person you want to stop sharing the link to
  • Click on the button with three dots
  • Select Remove person

Remember that if you had sent a link to that person to add him/her to the album, if you want to stop sharing it permanently, you must also deactivate the option to share via link. Otherwise, even if you have removed the person manually, he/she will be able to rejoin without any complications by simply clicking on the link again. To increase privacy you need to do both.

How To Manage Google Photos Permissions

If you want to have more control over who can see your photos and who can’t, it is improtant that you learn how to manage Google Photos permissions.

Most of the options that we can find to manage the permissions we will have to carry them out from each album. By clicking on the button with three vertical dots, we will access the settings menu where we can manage permissions in a simple way. As we have explained before, we will be able to add and remove people very easily, as well as to decide whether it is possible to enter the album through a link or not. But there are also interesting options in the Share button, which you will find at the bottom. There you can enable or disable the Collaborate option for others to upload their photos or even leave the album if you wish.

Only by having a good control of permissions and privacy can you make sure that your photos can only be seen by the people you want them to be seen by.

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