How to download WhatsApp voice messages on Mobile and PC

Among the most loved (and at the same time hated) things about WhatsApp voice messages. These allow any user to record a short audio note to send to the other party so that the latter can listen to it and then possibly respond using the same method or opting for the written text. It is not uncommon, therefore, to find yourself in a situation where you want to download the audio message, to keep it as a memory, or to listen to it again later. In this guide, we will see how to do this on computers, Android smartphones, and even some other little tricks to exploit within the WhatsApp app itself.

How to download WhatsApp voice messages on computers and smartphones

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First of all, then, let’s see how to actually download (in the true sense of the word) the voice messages received on WhatsApp. There are two methods available, but none includes a procedure for iPhone. For this reason, if you have an iOS device, we invite you to go directly to the next paragraphs.

How to download WhatsApp voice messages on a computer

To download WhatsApp voice messages on your computer, regardless of the operating system, you’ll have to use the Web interface of the aforementioned service, easily accessible via this link. To understand how to access WhatsApp Web, we invite you to read the article below.

  1. Start WhatsApp Web and log in with your smartphone
  2. Select the chat from which to extrapolate the voice message from the left column
  3. Move the cursor over the cartoon containing the audio note and click on the downward-pointing arrow symbol that appears in the upper right corner
  4. Choose the “Download” option
  5. At this point, a “.OGG” file will be immediately downloaded, playable through the most common services and programs (like VLC for example).

How to download WhatsApp voice messages on Android smartphones

To complete the same procedure on Android smartphones, you’ll have to use any file manager. Obviously, you can also use the standard one, but in case you are not comfortable with it, we suggest you take a look at the article written to list the best file managers available for Android.

Once you have chosen your favorite service, you can safely proceed with the download in the WhatsApp voice message.

  1. Launch your favorite file manager
  2. Open the root folder of your Android or phone memory
  3. Continue with the “Whatsapp” folder
  4. Continue with “Media” and finally “Whatsapp Audio” (on some file managers you can also use the search bar, which is useful to immediately reach the folder)
  5. Here you will find all the audio files in “.opus” format. If the file manager can play these files, you won’t need to use any other service, otherwise, you can export them elsewhere or listen to them using your favorite media players.

A few useful tricks to download WhatsApp voice messages

Before we close with the guide, let’s see a few little tricks that will allow anyone to export or save WhatsApp audio messages, without actually downloading them locally. This will also involve using third-party messaging services, but there will be no shortage of internal WhatsApp solutions.

Mark a voice message as a favorite

And let’s start with the procedure that directly affects the platform owned by Facebook. Thanks to the Favorites feature, you can move all of your most important messages into a separate “container” from the entire conversation, so that you can find them immediately.

  • Start WhatsApp on your smartphone
  • Select the chat from which to extract the voice message
  • Press and hold on to the voice message you want to save
  • Click on the star icon at the top of the screen

All messages marked as important can then be viewed on the special screen easily accessible from the settings of the same app.

Send the voice message to another app

Finally, let’s see how to export the voice message by sending it to another instant messaging app. This way you can create a space reserved solely for your favorite voice notes.

  1. Launch WhatsApp on your smartphone
  2. Select the chat from which to extract the voice message
  3. Press and hold on to the voice message you want to save
  4. Click on the share icon (on iPhone, just click on “Share…”)
  5. Choose the messaging app to be used for the exportation
  6. Select the chat to which the note should be sent and send it
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