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Everyone thinks that the services they use every day on the Internet whatsapp will always be up and running. But the truth is totally different for countless reasons. And this can happen to any of them and that is why we are going to tell you how to know if WhatsApp is down.

How to know if WhatsApp is down

Any service that operates on the Internet has as a consequence the dependence of many factors for it to work. But the user must also take into account different situations that can affect the development of the app in question.

And it is that all this affects to a greater or lesser extent the communication between people due to the use of messaging applications.

And is that if you are using one of these programs you may have noticed at some point that the service does not work as it should. To find out why WhatsApp crashes, you need to take into account a lot of situations that can affect the service.

Within what is the part that concerns you, as a user you can know if WhatsApp is down by seeing that messages have not been sent. Yes, it may be that a user has blocked you, but if this happens in all chats it is more than likely that the service is not working as it should.

Another reason may be that your terminal does not have Internet access. It is possible that your cell phone has run out of coverage somewhere, that the WiFi access point at home does not work or that you have not logged in even though you have all possible coverage. This happens especially in cafes or public places, where they will let you use the WiFi line by giving an email to register your use of the network.

It is also possible that the app is not updated, which means that you will have to go to the app store of your cell phone and download the new version available. Of all the steps, this is possibly the simplest and the least time-consuming, as it is a simple click of a button.

Webs that tell you WhatsApp is down

When we talk about a WhatsApp crash we mean that the service has stopped working unexpectedly for a while. In this day and age this is a serious problem and there are many who temporarily migrate to other messaging applications to talk to their contacts by chat.

This is usually due to an overload in the servers and this could be checked before from the application itself. Thanks to its Service Status section you could see directly if the servers were working properly.

But now there is no choice but to take a look at an external website such as DownDetector or ItsDownRightNow, to give a couple of examples.

Using them is as simple as entering the name of the application or service and clicking where you find WhatsApp. You will see a graph indicating the number of reports that have occurred in the last hours and days. The heat map also helps to know if you live in a very busy area in the service.

In these cases you can do absolutely nothing but wait and you will have to call your friends and family through your cell phone, or write to them through another messaging platform that you have in common.

This has already happened on occasion and, so that it does not happen to you, we recommend that you have that alternative app at hand for what may happen. Otherwise, even the download of this application may be slow due to the saturation of users who want to download it for the same reason as you.

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