How to get pets on Adopt me! Free ( Roblox )

There are many users who don’t know how to get pets on Adopt Me! for free, but the reality is that there are several different methods to do so.

Pets are one of the most desired items for Adopt Me! players. But there are many players who probably don’t feel like paying for them. Therefore, today we are going to explain how to get pets in Adopt Me! for free.

The first way is by means of a starter egg. When you start playing the game, go talk to Sir Woofington at the nursery and he will give you a starter egg. Once you have completed the requirements to hatch it, you will be able to choose as your first pet a cat or a dog. This starter pet is not transferable, so you must choose it wisely.

Another way is through star rewards. For every five days, you log into the game, you can get a star. Afterward, you can exchange these stars for various items, and you can also choose new pets.

When you log in, when you achieve objectives when you spend some time playing… you can get money from the game without spending real money. With this money, you can later buy pet eggs. Therefore, if you play often and strive to achieve the different objectives you can increase your number of pets for free.

Finally, another method of how to get pets in Adopt Me! for free is through the events that take place periodically. In some special times like Easter or Christmas, the game organizes events in which, if we fulfill a series of objectives, we can win money or even eggs with pets. Therefore, if you want to get a free pet, we recommend that you keep an eye on them at all times.

How to get legendary pets in adopt me!

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One of the elements that many Adopt Me! players like the most are the legendary pets. These are very special pets, which become the most desired by most users. If you want to know how to get legendary pets in Adopt Me! you will need a lot of money. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be real money but, as we have explained above, you can earn money in the game in different ways.

In order to get a legendary pet, you have to buy at least 12 Real Eggs. And the theory on which this game is based tells us that for every 12 eggs of this type that we acquire we will win a legendary pet.

To buy a Royal Egg, you will have to have 1450 dollars of Roblox money. Since we need 12, getting a legendary pet is not something we can achieve quickly or easily. But if you are a fan of the game, when you spend many hours enjoying it you will be able to see how the possibility of getting one is far from an odyssey.

Of course, if you don’t mind spending real money on the game you can also directly buy the coins you need to get it. And on the web you can find pages that assure you that they can hack the game to give you a legendary pet for free. But many of them do not work and compromise your security.