How To Configure Playstation Parental Controls in 2024 | Guide

Video game consoles are devices playstation parental controls designed for gaming and for all ages. Many people prefer them because they are cheaper than buying a computer designed for gaming and their useful life is extended until the next generation comes out.

Young people are the ones who tend to use these devices the most and in the end it is the parents who have to set limits to the hours of play. For this reason, we tell you how to configure the PlayStation parental control.

Why do you need PlayStation parental controls?

Many parents give their children the possibility to play a console as another means of entertainment. Each system has its own titles and it is a matter of taste to choose the device and the games they will play.

Of course, not all of them are perfect for their age, no matter how much they want to have them, and the content in the store doesn’t fit either.

These are essentially the reasons why you should set PlayStation Parental Controls. This is an important setting that will help you to ensure that younger users make responsible use of the machine in front of them.

This way you can be sure that the content they consume is appropriate for their age, and you can control other important parameters for their use.

How to configure PlayStation Parental Controls

The first thing you need to do to activate PlayStation Parental Controls is to set up roles. For this you have to create at least two users: one of them is the one you have to give to the younger user, and the second one is the one of the older user with whom you will have to keep order on the console.

Then, you have to go to the settings and find the “Account management” section and the “Family management” section. From here add the different family members to manage.

If you are the account manager or administrator you will have access to all the game data of each user, not to mention that you can create more users within the family group on the Sony console.

Now that you have all this power you just need to continue with the following steps that, by the way, are also valid for the PS5. for the PS5.

How to set restrictions in PlayStation Parental Controls

This is the section in which you have to follow to set restrictions to different users. What you should know is that in addition to being the group manager, you can appoint another user as a guardian. You must choose that user and select the guardian section so that he/she has almost all the permissions that the administrator has. These are the ones we are going to tell you about now.

The first thing you need to do is to set the necessary restrictions on the user in question. Here we find that you can set the user’s game hours, the monthly spending of money that can go towards PlayStore games or microtransactions.

You will find this in the settings of the minor user and it will be you who must follow an estimate close to reality, if you want him to play more or less.

You will also have the option to restrict the content that can be viewed from the console based on age. But maybe the best for this option is the use of a filter by levels.

This feature is important because the console offers you different levels of restriction based on the content and the PEGI rating system, so you know that your child will always have a restriction according to what you want.

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