As you know it was already possible to play PS2 on Android, you only had to install DamonPs2 PRO or Play! on your device. The only problem is that the first one despite having very good performance has a very intrusive advertising and needs Internet connection while Play! still has a lot of polishing to do as it is quite slow and is not very compatible. And it would be great if there was a free PS2 emulator that does not need Internet connection, right? let me tell you that it already exists and is called AetherSX2, throughout this article that we will keep updated we will expose all the news about this interesting application for cell phones.

What Is An Android Emulator And What Does It Do?

An Android emulator is nothing more than an application that allows you to run retro video games or programs from another operating system from your cell phone.

In this way we can for example play arcade machines, enjoy the PSone, Snes or the entire catalog of Dreamcast on our mobile.

What is AetherSX2 and what is it for?

AetherSX2 is a PlayStation 2 emulator for Android that allows you to play backup copies of this console on mobile devices with this mobile operating system.

It should be noted that its developer Tahlerth has made it in his spare time, it is free and has no advertising. In addition, this is a project that uses the source code of PCSX2 (the PS2 emulator for PC) and has the support of its developers as can be seen on the official website of this emulator.

Minimum Requirements For AetherSX2 2022

The recommended requirements is a mobile with SnapDragon 845 processor or similar. Basically the most important thing for the emulator to perform at good speed is that the mobile device has at least 4 CortexA75 cores.

It is also worth noting that the low RAM of the device has little influence since it is more important that it has a powerful CPU (if possible Snapdragon) and a good GPU (Adreno GPUs being more advisable against Mali or Power VR).

Does it have support for controllers?

Yes, we can connect any Android Bluetooth controller and even map the controls on screen.

What is the official Reddit forum for AetherSX2?

The official and original Reddit forum of ArtherSX2 where it was first announced is the following Link.

Official AetherSX2 Discord

For this informed of AetherSX2 I recommend you to follow all the updates of AetherSX2 in its official Discord through the following link.

AetherSX2 VS DamonPS2 PRO 2022

Are you wondering which is better DamonPs2 PRO or AetherSX2? Well, here are the most remarkable differences between these 2 PS2 emulators for Android.

DamonPS2 PRO

  • It uses code stolen from the PCSX2 team.
  • They have used a stolen free license code to offer a closed source emulator.
  • Updates are every 3-6 months (being a closed application only a small team of developers can update it).
  • It costs 9,99€ (it is the most expensive emulator in Play Store).
  • It has a free version inflated with advertising and with limited options (if you want to unlock it you have to pay).
  • You need a constant connection to be able to play.
  • According to some rumors, it has Spyware.
  • You need a fairly powerful Smartphone, minimum SnapDragon 855 to play 60% of the PS2 catalog smoothly (they improve compatibility and speed with each version).


  • Uses the PCSX2 code.
  • Unlike DamonPS2 PRO it has the support of the PCSX2 team.
  • Although it has just been released it has been updated several times.
  • Being open source and supported by the PCSX2 team, updates will be more frequent.
  • It is completely FREE.
  • The requirements are less demanding than DamonPS2 PRO as it only needs a Snapdragon 845 to run almost the entire PS2 catalog smoothly.
  • These are the differences between DamonPS2 PRO and AetherSX2 if you want you can express more differences in the comments section.

Why can’t I use my DamonPs2 game saves in AetherSX2?

DamonPS2 game saves are stored under the MemoryCard_01.dat file format while AetherSX2 uses the PCSX2 file system which uses the mcd001.ps2 format resulting in currently not being able to migrate DamonPS2 memory cards to AetherSX2.

In the event that in the future there is a way to move the games from one emulator to another we will keep you informed in this article.

Where to Download AetherSX2 Free 2022

  • The emulator will be available for free download from Google Play Store from the following link.
  • Never Download The AetherSX2 APK From Outside The Play Store
  • It should be noted that AetherSX2 will only be available officially on Google Play Store through this date mentioned above so all APKs that appear on Google are fake and have viruses, so we discourage the use of them.

What is your opinion about AetherSX2, do you think it’s worth it, you can express yourself just below in the comment box and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family through your social networks… Thanks a lot for everything!.

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