How to steal pets in Adopt me! by Roblox

Know all the ways to steal pets from other users

Adopt Me! has become one of the most popular games on Roblox. If you are already a player on the platform and want to expand your pets, but without paying money for them we tell you how to steal pets in Adopt Me! of Roblox.

Roblox is one of the online gaming platforms that offers users a wide catalog of games created by the participants themselves. Among these games, one of the best known is Adopt Me!

In Adopt Me! the player must adopt and take care of babies and pets. There are up to six types of pets: special, common, uncommon, rare, ultra rare and legendary pets.  In total there are 62 different pets to collect.

If you have already acquired your first pet, but you want to expand your family and not pay for it, you can do something unethical that will provide you with more animals: we tell you how to steal pets in Adopt Me! from Roblox.

There are several ways to steal pets. One of them is to disguise your character as a poor person. When someone comes to chat with you, you explain that you are poor and that you need a pet to be less lonely. Insist that they didn’t give you any pet when you entered the game and if you gain their trust they will give you one. When you get it, take off your disguise and run away with the pet before they realize that you faked the character.

Another way is to disguise your character as a very rich man. Then go to the user you want to steal the pet from and start chatting with him or her. You must tell him/her that you buy pets from him/her for a lot of Robux. Ask him or her to trade you the pets and tell him or her to give you the username to enter the Robux. When he has given you the pets run away because you are not going to pay him any money for them.

To steal pets you can also go to crowded areas where there are other characters with their pets. One of the places to steal pets can be the park. When you see a character and his pet, keep an eye on him. When you see that the pet is left alone, approach it and click on it and click on the “Pick up” button.

As soon as you pick it up you will have to run away because its owner will not stop chasing you to try to get it back. You will have to lose him until you lose sight of him. You will have the pet for your collection.

How to get free pets in Adopt me! 2021

Now that you know how to steal pets in Adopt Me! of Roblox, you may be interested in knowing how to get free pets in Adopt Me! 2021.

The first pet you get for free is through an egg. If you have just arrived in the game you must go talk to Sir Woofington at the nursery. There he will give you an egg that after a while will become a pet, it will be a cat or a dog and cannot be transferred.

Another way to get free pets is through the star rewards. Every day you enter the game you get a reward. If you do it five days in a row you will get a star. When you have a few stars you can exchange them for items or pets.

To get free pets you must also be very attentive to the events that take place in the game. At times like Christmas, events appear. If you complete the objectives of these events among the prizes are money or directly eggs with pets.

With the money you collect from taking care of pets and also from sales in businesses such as lemonade, hot dogs or ice cream you can buy pets without having to do it with real money. You will have to save until you can buy a new pet to incorporate it to your family.

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