How To Know The Location Of A Whatsapp Contact Without Asking For It [Guide]

Find out how to know the location of a Whatsapp contact without asking for it. Today with this guide we will see how to know the location of a WhatsApp contact without asking for it. Normally in fact WhatsApp allows you to know the location of a contact if he sends his coordinates on a map, in this way you can reach him easily. Think for example if you are going to a person, but at some point you get lost and can no longer orient yourself to get to your destination. Through the use of the function that allows you to send the location to a contact using WhatsApp, you can see on a map where the contact is located, making it much easier to reach your destination. To receive the location of a contact you must ask for it, but what if you don’t want to do that? What if you still want to know the position of a contact but without him giving the coordinates? Can it be done? The answer is YES, in fact there is a little trick that allows you to know the location of a WhatsApp contact without asking for it. Continue reading this guide to find out how to know the location of a WhatsApp contact without asking for it.

You can know the location of a WhatsApp contact without asking for it, but in this case you won’t have its real-time location, but an approximate location but that should generally give you a good idea of where that person is at that moment. Normally WhatsApp allows you to share your location with a contact, but it is something you can only do if you are going to be reached by someone and you want to let them know where you are precisely. Think about the fact that you need to reach a friend in a club, but the street is full of clubs and the numbers are not present, in addition to the fact that the signs of each club are not present or do not help much to identify the right place. Here comes the help of sharing your location on WhatsApp in order to be found, so the user will have to do nothing more than request the location to his friend who has on WhatsApp, then the latter will send him the coordinates with the map that you will have to follow in order to reach him. Nothing easier, but as already mentioned there must be the request via chat of the position and the consent from the contact in order to be tracked, only if the contact will agree can send the map to be able to reach him.

How to send the location of a contact on WhatsApp (method that is used in an official way)

The function that allows you to share the location on WhatsApp is very convenient because it allows you to easily reach a place where there is a contact even if you do not know the area, so think for example of those who must reach the home of a person, a local or as often happens, you leave someone in the car and then go away to run an errand and forget among the many rows of cars in the parking lot, where you parked. For all these and many other reasons, WhatsApp allows you to reach your destination very easily, as you only need to follow the map. Normally, if you want to send your current location to a WhatsApp contact who wants to reach you, just follow these steps:

  • Access the WhatsApp Chat list
  • Find the contact you want to send your location to and tap on them to open the chat with them.
  • Now tap on the paperclip icon. 
  • From the small popup window that appears, tap on Location.
  • If you do not have GPS enabled, a message on the screen will ask you if you want to give WhatsApp permission to access your location. Give permission by pressing the Continue button and allow WhatsApp to access your GPS.
  • Select Current location if you want to let the contact know your location with an accuracy of 20 meters, otherwise you can select Real-time location if you want to show all your movements in real time to that contact. If you select Real-time location sharing, you’ll be able to choose if you want to show it to the contact you sent it to for a period of 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours, moreover you’ll be able to add a comment to allow for easier tracking
  • Being able to send your position to someone when you use WhatsApp is really easy, but there is always that detail that the contact whose position you want to know must always give his consent to be able to know his coordinates on a map. But what if you want to know the location of a WhatsApp contact without asking for it? Here is revealed below the little trick that you can use, the result, however, will generally be much less accurate than sending the map on WhatsApp.

the trick to know the location of a contact without him knowing it and sending his coordinates

We can know the location of a WhatsApp contact without asking for it using a little trick that requires the use of WhatsApp Web, both for those who want to know the location of a contact, and for the contact you want to spy on. The location detected, however, is not always accurate, often can be quite high, in addition, those who use a VPN will be virtually impossible to trace. Here’s how to proceed with the trick to know the location of a WhatsApp contact without asking for it (in use Windows 10):

  • Log in with your browser to the website using your Desktop PC or laptop computer
  • Now close all other tabs that are open in your browser, then press the keyboard buttons CTRL + ALT + CANC simultaneously.
  • You should now see a blue screen if you’re using Windows 10 and several items that you can select with your mouse. Click on Task Manager and a new window will open from which you will need to press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard. 
  • You should now see the Run window from which you’ll have to type cmd, and then you’ll have to press the Run button.
  • You should now see a new window where you will need to type netstat -an, then press the Enter button, and if you have closed all tabs as indicated above and only kept the WhatsApp Web page active, you should see an IP address for the person with whom you have recently been chatting.
  • All that remains is to copy the IP address of that contact that appears on the screen and paste it into a site that tracks the location of an IP address, such as
  • Once the IP address is entered, its location should appear on a map. This position, however, depending on where you hook up with your internet network, could be very wrong or more precise, nothing compared to a position that is sent directly from the contact, where the accuracy is much higher.


Normally you can send your location via WhatsApp to a contact who asks for it, you can also decide whether to send a current or real time location. If you want to know the location of a contact that you have on WhatsApp without having to ask for it, this is possible if you use WhatsApp Web, but it is necessary that both contacts use the platform, then through various steps that allow you to obtain the IP address, you can get the approximate location of a contact. The location obtained will not be as precise as the one you get from a contact who sends their coordinates on a map using the WhatsApp app, but it still allows you to more or less know the area where a person is located. Do you want to send a fictitious location on WhatsApp? Then read this article as well. Until the next guide.

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