What To Do If Telegram Does Not Display Contacts On Android [Guide]

What to do if Telegram does not display contacts on Android. Today with this new guide we’ll see what to do if Telegram doesn’t display contacts on Android. Telegram is an app that is very popular with users because of the features it has, but it’s also preferred by many because of the fact that it’s very careful about the privacy of its users. Many people prefer Telegram to other instant messaging apps like WhatsApp because it gives them a greater sense of security when they use it, and there are functions that make it superior to other apps of the same type. Telegram, like all other apps, may not always work as well as you’d hope, for example, as we’ll see in this guide, it may happen that Telegram can’t display your contacts, so it can’t sync with your phonebook. So how do you solve in this case? What to do if Telegram does not display contacts on Android? Keep reading this guide to find out how to succeed in displaying contacts on Telegram.

Telegram is an excellent application, used by millions of people every day all over the world and every now and then it is enriched with some new feature that makes it even more “appetizing” for users. For many people, Telegram is unrivaled in terms of its features and privacy, but like all other applications, sooner or later it may give problems and as we will see in this guide, it may happen that Telegram does not display the contacts because there is no synchronization, so what can you do in this case? We have collected several solutions that will give you a way to be able to have your address book with contacts on Telegram. Here are the most common solutions that you will be able to use.

you can only see in the list the contacts that are using Telegram

It may happen that you only see some of the contacts that you see in your phone’s address book on Telegram, and this is completely normal. Telegram in fact allows you to display in its contact list only those who are using the application, so those who are not using Telegram will not be shown in the address book of the messaging app. If you want a certain contact to appear in your contact list on Telegram, it’s necessary that they use the app on their device, otherwise they won’t appear in the list. So the solution in this case is to ask your friend who doesn’t use Telegram to download the app and sign up, then after syncing with the phone’s address book, making sure he uses the platform too, he’ll be shown in your contact list on Telegram. Only by doing this will you be able to see him listed in Telegram’s address book.

make sure you’ve given the right permissions to Telegram

When you install Telegram for the first time, the app will ask you for permission to access your contacts’ address book, only by giving permission will you be able to sync the contacts in your phone book that use Telegram with your Telegram app’s address book. If after installing Telegram you didn’t want to give the app permission to be able to access your phonebook, you won’t then see any contacts from your phonebook, but you can remedy that in the following way:

  • Close Telegram
  • Go to Android Settings
  • Go to Apps, followed by All apps.
  • Once the list with all the installed apps is shown, search for Telegram using the search bar or by scrolling through the list with apps. Once you’ve found Telegram, tap on it with your finger to access the App Info screen
  • Now tap on Permissions
  • Tap on Contacts and select Allow
  • Now log back into Telegram and check if the contacts are now visible

update Telegram

Maybe the current app you’re using has a bug or you’ve been using Telegram for a long time and haven’t done all the updates that have been released by the Google Play Store, so you’ve ended up with an outdated app that may no longer be able to sync properly with the contacts you have saved in your phonebook. What can you do in this case? Very simply, you’ll have to proceed to an update of the Telegram app and if the problem was the outdated app, you should be able to view your contacts on Telegram again. Let’s see how to proceed to update Telegram to its latest available version:

  • Sign in to the Google Play Store
  • Then tap on the circular icon of your profile that is next to the search bar (Search Apps and Games)
  • Now, tap on the Manage Apps and Devices tab.
  • Under Available Updates, click View Details
  • You will be shown a list with all the apps that have a pending update. I recommend pressing the Update All button to update all the apps that have a new update available, but if you only want to update Telegram, press the Update button to the right of it.
  • Once you’ve updated Telegram, sign in to the app and check if it now shows your contacts

clear your cache

Another simple solution you can try if Telegram doesn’t show contacts on Android is to clear its cache. Clearing the cache of the Telegram app won’t have any effect on it in terms of the settings that have been set, not even on the chats etc., everything will remain as you left it after deleting the cache, as this allows you to save files that only serve to make the app faster, but if these files conflict with each other for who knows what reason, you might have problems with the functioning of the app, including errors and not displaying contacts. After it’s cleared, the cache will recreate itself, speeding up the app’s operation again and if there was an issue with the cache that caused contacts to not show up on Telegram, it should finally be resolved. In order to clear the cache of Telegram for Android proceed as follows:

  • Go to the Settings app that you have pre-installed on your Android smartphone
  • Now go to Apps and then go to All apps.
  • You will be shown a list where all the apps that have been installed on your device are shown. Search with the search bar for the Telegram app or scroll through the apps sorted alphabetically until you reach the Telegram app. Once you find the app, tap on it with your finger to be able to access the App Info screen
  • Now, you need to tap on the Memory item and from the new window that appears you should be able to see the Clear Cache button. Tap on it and you’ll delete the files contained in the cache of the Telegram app and that as I mentioned above, the cache will recreate itself with the use of the app
  • Here we go, log in to Telegram and check if the contacts are now displayed

Delete and reinstall Telegram

Telegram might not show contacts because there’s something in the app that’s corrupted, so the best solution in this case might be to delete Telegram completely and reinstall it from scratch. Before deleting the app, I recommend backing up your chats, after that, proceed with removing and reinstalling Telegram.


Telegram is generally an instant messaging app that doesn’t give any particular problems, but sooner or later because of who developed it or because of who uses it, something might not work properly. If, as we’ve seen, you can’t see your contacts on Telegram, I hope that the solutions found in this guide have helped you solve the problem and that now everything is working properly again. Until the next guide.