How To Create An Account To Download On Google Play Store

Find out how to create an account to download on Google Play Store. Discover how to create an account to download apps on the Google Play store

Google Play Store includes thousands of applications of all kinds that you can download to your mobile device. If you need to have an account to get that application or game for your smartphone we tell you how to create an account to download on Google Play Store.

In 2008 Google launched Google Play, the platform for distributing and downloading mobile applications for devices with Android operating system. This platform allows users to browse and download applications, games, music, books, movies, etc. something that will help you both for leisure and to increase your productivity in the academic or work environment.

The growth of downloads on Google Play Store has been unstoppable since 2020. In that year, 28.3 billion downloads were made on the platform. Figures with which the application beat its great competitor Apple’s App Store.

If you want to start downloading applications of all kinds we tell you how to create an account to download in Google Play Store easily and quickly. Do not miss all the steps we show you below.

How To Create A Google Account

The first thing you need to know before knowing how to create an account to download on Google Play Store is that it is essential to have a Google account previously, so the first thing we are going to do is to know how to create a Google account.

To begin, open the Google Play application. Then click on “create account”. You will be redirected to a page where you have to enter your first and last name, the name of your account address and password and click next.  If the account address is not held by any other user the process will continue. Otherwise you will have to choose a valid address.

Then you must add a phone number where you will be sent a confirmation code. Then you will need to choose a payment method in case you buy non-free apps. If you are only going to install free apps choose the option not to add payment. Finally, accept Google’s privacy policy conditions.

Once you have created the account you will see that you are already logged in with your email and you just have to search for the application you are interested in to download it.

How To Change Your Google Play Store Account

If what you need is to know how to change your Google Play Store account to replace the one you currently have, follow the steps below.

The first thing you have to do is open a web browser from your mobile device can be Chrome and go to the address Then on the top right click on the profile image.

Click on “Manage accounts” and enter the new account you want with your username and password. Then save all changes.

How To Add An Account To Google Play Store

If you want to know how to put one more account in addition to the one you have on Google Play Store check out how to add an account to Google Play Store easily.

Just open Google Play Store and click on the profile picture you have in the app search box. Then you have to click on “Add account”. Now it will ask for your email address and password. Complete the process and you will have your account added. You will then be able to see all your accounts as a list.

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