How to make a greeting card on Facebook

One of the reasons why many of us continue to use Facebook is how easy and useful it is to see the date of birthdays on the social network. But it also continues to focus a lot on this section, allowing us with some creativity to make birthday cards on Facebook to share with our friends or family on the platform.

These greeting cards have been changing in recent years, becoming increasingly customizable and making us not only share a text with those people we care about, but we give them life with images and photographs. This we will be able to do both on mobile and on the computer.

Methods to make greeting cards on Facebook

The Facebook platform not only offers us a method with which to congratulate birthdays but is currently diversified into two methods that in the future could continue to expand as it is continually integrating changes.

Congratulate friends from your wall

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This first option that we are going to know is only available to us if it is the birthday of our friends, while it is impossible to use it in other cases. Something that we can access from the notification that appears on Facebook every time it is the birthday of a friend or we will see it by visiting the profile of the same.

Once inside the profile of the birthday person, we will be able to see that a highlighted box appears in which we can write a text to congratulate our friend. As you can see the beginning of the greeting can be very basic with just writing “Congratulations” but we will customize it to create the greeting card on Facebook.

Once we have written the text, the next thing to do is to tap on the colored boxes that appear above the keyboard. These are added to create the greeting card on Facebook and to give it a different touch with each of the predefined designs that appear in the app, but we can also do the same way from the web version on the computer.

Congratulations on the stories

With the arrival of the stories to Facebook, a new method of congratulations saw the light, and is that in addition to the cards that we make on the wall, we can also use a story to mention and congratulate friends, thus we also share it with other contacts.

To elaborate the congratulations on Facebook in the stories what we have to do is click on create a story, which appears at the top of Facebook, then tapping on the text and writing the congratulations, without forgetting to mention our friend with the “@”. At the bottom, we can change the style and even the text.

Facebook greeting cards with Canva

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Although Facebook does not offer us more methods to create greetings, we always have at our disposal our creativity and the help of Canva, an app for mobile and web version we do not need much knowledge. It is only necessary to enter the official website of Canva with the computer or apps:

Canva App for Android

Canva App for iPhone

Then we look among their designs for Facebook cards and we will see plenty of templates to choose from. In them, we can modify everything we want, such as colors, backgrounds or even adding photos of us with the person who has a birthday.

Once the design is complete, we just have to save the image and upload it to Facebook like any other publication, tagging or mentioning our friend to see it. This can also be done in the stories or on their wall, something that will be left to our choice.

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