How to create a Facebook group without your name appearing on it

If you are looking for maximum privacy, you may want to know how to create a Facebook group without your name appearing. We show you how to do it.

Groups are a Facebook tool to unite a group of users who have common interests. It can be about any topic and can be open or closed only to those we invite. And any of us can easily create a group. But, by default, when you create a group you will see your name as the administrator. And if you want to keep your privacy more hidden, it is interesting to learn how to create a Facebook group without your name appearing.

The solution is to create a secret group. Facebook has three types of groups. On the one hand, we have open groups, in which anyone with a Facebook account can access the content. Secondly, we have closed groups, in which only members will have access to the information shared. And finally, we have the secret groups, in which neither the administrator nor the members will be able to view them.

How to hide the Administrator of a group on Facebook

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If we want to know how to hide the administrator of a group on Facebook we have two options. We can create the group directly as a secret or we can change its configuration later. And is that privacy options can be modified at any time. The steps to follow to make a group secret are as follows:

  • Log in to Facebook and go to the group you have created.
  • In the top right corner, click on the Edit group option.
  • Go to the Privacy option
  • Among the privacy options, choose Secret
  • Click on Save Changes

Once we have carried out these steps, no one will be able to see who is the administrator or the members of a group. Therefore, privacy will be maximum. This type of group is the most recommended for situations in which, for whatever reason, we do not want anyone to know that we are involved in a particular group, either because we want to keep our name away from the subject of the group or for any other reason.

How to hide the members of a Facebook group

If you want to know how to hide the members of a group on Facebook, the steps to follow are the same as in the previous section. And is that, as we have said, in the secret groups will remain hidden both administrators and members of the group. Therefore, this is the most private option available.

Note that, if a member of a group posts or comments with his or her name, this will be visible. The only thing that will be kept secret is the list where we can see which people belong to a group.

How to create a Facebook group from your mobile

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If before considering privacy you need to learn how to create a Facebook group from your mobile, the steps to follow are these:

  • Enter the Facebook application
  • Tap the button with three horizontal lines that you will find at the top of the screen
  • Go to the Groups option
  • At the top right, press the + button and select Create a group
  • Enter a name for the group
  • Select the privacy of the group
  • Add people to the group
  • Click on Create
  • Once the group is created, you can customize it with a cover photo to make it more recognizable.